forums2draw.netWTF?? about 75 new names when I looked all with emails from 163
davincipoppalag (Sep 1, 2011)
all from a japanese website WTF
Axil62 (Sep 1, 2011)
Maybe it"s an art school thing. I think this happened once before.
cyclops (Sep 1, 2011)
its flubbles.
enjoydotcom (Sep 1, 2011)
Okay, I should know this, but where can I see a list of users sorted on their registration date?
davincipoppalag (Sep 2, 2011)
enjoydotcom (Sep 2, 2011)
Oh, I know that list, but it won't let me sort on Registered. :/
Axil62 (Sep 2, 2011)
Just write a small script that scrubs and parses the pages one by one with the Aug 22-24 dates as the targeted info and then have it compile the info into a list.
Mr_L_V (Sep 2, 2011)
I kind of saw that about the new people popping out of no were and having that weird website D:
And well technically the website its actually chinese, it turns out its a china-based web just like yahoo or googles, but this one particular is based for online gaming service, in were they offer online gaming for multi players and such, they include Fantasy Westward Journey, Westward Journey Online II, Westward Journey Online III, Tianxia II and Datang, as well as the licensed game, Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft.....
In other words I think they're only gamers, as well gaming designers roaming around 2draw :P
So I don't think they're here to harm nor spam around, that is if they decide to just abandon their account and not pup it on use like many other hundreds of accounts that are just made and left D:>
enjoydotcom (Sep 4, 2011)
@Axil, I consider myself to being quite computer savvy, but that what you are mentioning is way over my head.
*feels stupid*
lori (Sep 4, 2011)
I don't blame you Joyce... I don't get it either.
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