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Lascaux Sketch - slow to load or not at all
0 replies
Turtlebuster (Jun 5, 2012)
Listen: I Like Practical Poetry
2 replies
Akechi456 (Jul 21, 2005)
ok then...
21 replies
spiritdweller (Oct 27, 2004)
you big flirt... :P lol hehe
Creativity Excerize
8 replies
Turtlebuster (Oct 26, 2004)
yes loose. and excerise. the latter was mispelled for impact -- thank u grammar police :p. and btw.....
Blazing talent
6 replies
Zack (May 20, 2004)
haha time to set up a 2draw con. I vote for Florida, haha. aha. ha. and if you don't donate money...
(super important message)
6 replies
Gothic_Otaku (Sep 24, 2003)
never lets got? >_> Oh, and BTW, hi.
Looking For an Artist
3 replies
Turtlebuster (Aug 5, 2003)
what do I get or what does the other artist get? Initially, nobody will get anything. This project w...
Marcello: Lascaux Error
4 replies
Xodiak (Jul 22, 2003)
I don't know if I coprehend it correctly, but lascaux has a certain amount of memory dedicated for u...
6 replies
GEM (Jul 19, 2003)
Turtlebuster says goodbye!
9 replies
Turtlebuster (Jul 6, 2003)
uh... graywolf? this was a 'going away temporarily' post that was made a month ago by me :) so i'm ...
Another thingy in Lascaux
2 replies
Turtlebuster (Jun 1, 2003)
i never noticed it in oekaki and i don't really use paintbbs at all. When i encountered the proble...
What about chat? well?
5 replies
Einz (May 30, 2003)
yes george told me about his nacho diet it really works for him
Insane little bug...
3 replies
Turtlebuster (May 28, 2003)
Method, i haven't chose oekaki over lascaux. i simply want both :P Of course, since marcello plans o...