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Turtlebuster (edited Aug 4, 2003)
Listen up folks:
I am (as of 4 weeks ago) working on a comprehensive game (c++) with some very talented people. The game is a complex story/battle rpg with free movement and no tiles. In other words, every map is actually made entirely original. That's my job, and that's where one of you might come in. Since the game requires an immense number of panoramas to be used throughout it's whole, I am incapable of putting out that number of detailed panoramas. I am looking for a co-artist (not an assistant) to help me with the panoramas. If anyone here is interested, and KNOWS they will be able to devote themselves to this process, please post here or email me (check profile) if you would like to be discrete.
things i am looking for:
-able to imagine and create scenarios for maps
-able to put in as many hours as it takes (you won't be pushed too hard)
-compitent lineartist.
my intent is to find someone to create scenarios that I will then color. for an example of my original work, check here:
I can asure you that we have a top notch staff (including an excellent mps3 composer, sprite artist, and programmer. Memo me or email me if you want to listen to some original music or see an example sprite to know that you are cacthing a glimpse of a 'real' game.
And marcello, if this violates the message board's purpose, i will take it down immediately. thanks guys (:}\

EDIT: also, i can get you almost any paint program you need to do the task necessary... i used Open Canvas do the one above.
Turtlebuster (edited Aug 5, 2003)
i can't believe nobody here has even posted anything about this. there's no pressure, just submit a 640x480 lineart piece of a scenic are (use my picture as an example) and if the game staffers agree that you have the style we're looking fo, you're in. (i did get one more discrete response but SHE HAS NOT SUBMITTED LIKE SHE SAID!! >:{\ )
marcello (edited Aug 5, 2003)
my question would be what do you get out of it? I mean, being an artist for a game is a lot of work (I should know)
Turtlebuster (edited Aug 5, 2003)
what do I get or what does the other artist get? Initially, nobody will get anything. This project wil be a long project, and we are pushing to get a playable demo released this year. However, there is a lot of speculation that the game will be sold on certain public websites ( etc) and if such is the case, we plan to have the game published and sold on more prominent sites like Amazon. That is a long way away, so if you're looking for any sort of compensation, the only thing you'll get is a free (regardless) copy of the game and the experience of helping make it. Anything beyond that is shaky. Personally, i love my job in the proect and would gladly do all the work. It's purely a time/efficiency issue.
Marcello, is there a website for the game you're helping create (or helped create)? I remember you mentioning it before, and would love to see some game info since i have no idea what it's about or even it's genre (other than sci-fi).
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