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Realname: Jacob

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what i like: ddr, anime, linkin park, swimming, eating pizza and ice cream

Applet wont cooperate
1 reply
SanzoGirl (Jan 8, 2006)
Happens to me all the time. I just re-start my computer. :P
nick names
20 replies
FLYING_SQUIRREL (Aug 26, 2005)
menstruating is known as Crotch bleedage
5 replies
Kenshin (Jul 6, 2005)
You could've copied it before you submitted it, anyway. And when you're drawing a regular picture, ...
7 replies
Knockoff (Jun 23, 2005)
rofl. A sound? That'd be imposible, because you would have to refresh the page to see a new memo. It...
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