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FLYING_SQUIRREL (edited Jul 6, 2005)
I was drawing a pic on AsciiBBS.It took me nearely an hour, but when i tryed to post it I was loged out .So i loged back in, buy my art that i had just drew was gone and no where to be found . So i patiently drew the exact same picture and the same thing happened! i think thier should be a restore inmage option for AsciiBBS IT WOULD BE HELPFULL!!!!
Cordelia_Pink (edited Jul 6, 2005)
Hmm. Maybe next time you log into 2draw you should click on the box next to the 'cookies' button so that you won't be logged out after an hour and there might still be a chance for it to be posted. I don't think a restore image option for it would be necessary because there were already some submitted ascii drawings that were in trickery (like an automatic ascii designer was used). so yah.
inatyrb (Jul 6, 2005)
Yeah, using a cookie keeps a memory of your username and password. It will keep you logged on, and automatically log you on when you visit the site. ^^
how do u use a cookie?
Nightmare (Jul 6, 2005)
You put it in your mouth, and use your lower jaw bone to chew into little pieces, while your tounge rolls it into a ball, and then you swallow.
Kenshin (Jul 6, 2005)
You could've copied it before you submitted it, anyway.
And when you're drawing a regular picture, take screen caps.
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