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Animegirl250 (Jan 4, 2005)
i took a break to eat dinner so yeah....
its flamy.
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Cherry (Jan 5, 2005)
The dragon is very nicely done! The colors are great and you did a nice job on the shading. This is the perfect example of the kind of dragon I like. Keep up the good work! :)
sincity (Jan 5, 2005)
This did come out nice.:}
koisnake (Jan 12, 2005)
Awwwww a dragon.Very nice pic!*thumbs up*
15grifficorntears (Feb 21, 2005)
WOW. i really like that. keep up the good work kid.
drawn in 1 hour 9 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Public Boards/Intermediate 
Xbawolf (Feb 20, 2005)
><; This is probably thw worse dragon I have ever drawn, even for a sketch. :X Oh Well, I didn't finish it cause my hand was cramping up. xD;
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HunterKiller_ (Feb 20, 2005)
Zack (Feb 21, 2005)
This needs work to stay on the intermediate board. The two major issues I see are the complete lack of a background and blurriness of the figure. More developed highlight and shadow on the figure might help too, if you pick a single consistent light source. The strong contrast all around the figure is a bit confusing. Not a bad dragon though. I like the perspective effect of the claws.
sugarartist (Feb 21, 2005)
You need a backround!
15grifficorntears (Feb 21, 2005)
i don't think you need a BG, but you need to make the lines and features more defined. it's looking pretty good.
drawn in 41 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
davincipoppalag (Feb 19, 2005)
I thought I would give this a try....cant get the ref link to work... s go here click on gallery..then on after the infinite...the refs in that one
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Justin_Sane (edited Feb 20, 2005)
ok Where did ya put the boat ,the plane or the Cowboy??lol ...nice to be different pop.....this is James Galway when he was a Nipper (Baby)
Gigge (Feb 20, 2005)
The lighting is cool.
Aubrey (Feb 20, 2005)
That's really neat, I love the little hands and the eyes and the lighting.. and love you of course :) (((((poppadarlin))))))
thesolarwinds (Sep 11, 2005)
this is awesome
love the movie
love this pic.
drawn in 1 hour 30 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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Noremac (Dec 22, 2004)
i must say i think the 1st one is better
3 comments – latest 3: (Dec 22, 2004)
this is cool, i kind of agree with you about the first one. but this still has good detail and color.
15grifficorntears (Jan 8, 2005)
GarBleh says," GARBLEH!!!!!!!!"
TaCO (Jan 14, 2005)
O.O This an awesome pic!!!!!
You should draw more fight scenes.
drawn in 48 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Maiko (Dec 9, 2004)
Quick and spontaneous dragon picture..i really should be sleeping :\ damn it's already 3:00 AM >>;
but anyway, i'll dedicate this to Mr.Armando so that he may birth me many strong healthy children >:D
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Solvera (Dec 10, 2004)
awesome dragon and I'm impressed you did that in 13 mins and yes sleep is good for you or so they say...
dragontamer13 (Dec 10, 2004)
Such a CUTE dragon. I like dragons, yup I do. And that one is one of the best dragons I've ever seen!!!
TaCO (Dec 12, 2004)
O.O Evilness!!!!!!! Great design. Me sucks at designing dragons.
15grifficorntears (Dec 19, 2004)
mmm, Dragons are awsome.
drawn in 13 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Public Boards/Intermediate 
spiritdweller (Dec 2, 2004)
and I found it under the search word, frog
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Xodiak (Dec 5, 2004)
He looks more friendly than scary! Hehehe, awesome creature! >:D
spiritdweller (Dec 5, 2004)
hi Xod! :)
15grifficorntears (Dec 5, 2004)
looks like the desert frog in Star Wars outside jaba's palace
spiritdweller (Dec 5, 2004)
perhaps it is... perhaps it is....
drawn in 1 hour 31 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Public Boards/Beginner 
Masked (Oct 6, 2004)
No matter what happens, I'll be in your heart
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Bubblicious (Apr 29, 2009)
From the thumbnail I thought it was a fish with wings and chicken feet, about to eat the lil bird. I like it though, very touching.
Aubrey (Jun 22, 2009)
Too sad
Mikkiz (Jun 24, 2009)
too saaaaaaaad
davincipoppalag (May 9, 2018)
drawn in 12 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
rosalyn (Aug 24, 2004)
Miki misses the Cam
4 comments – latest 4:
Destervetha (Aug 25, 2004)
Awwww :)
15grifficorntears (Aug 29, 2004)
poor miki, the Cam misses you too. if ever you two should meet, there will be much violence and sex (or just violent sex).
rosalyn (Aug 29, 2004)
*blush* shhhh.... No one needs to know that.
Agoylis (Oct 11, 2004)
hery thats cool
drawn in 30 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Public Boards/Intermediate 
rosalyn (Aug 29, 2004)
I tried to get it as perfect as possible. I love my Cameron... :(
17 comments – latest 4:
Xodiak (Sep 3, 2004)
Another fantastic drawing Michelle! Cameron looks so great! >;) Excellent artwork! >:D
Noremac (Sep 7, 2004)
-^.^- chins a bit out far, nose is a smidge too big but i still love it
inatyrb (Sep 28, 2004)
great drawing.... hey cam... there's more of you... uh oh! that's not good... but maybe the expendable army would have a good effect to it! lol.... go expendables! muahahahahaha
Reich (Nov 8, 2004)
it look a bit to.....feminininin sorry i cant spell today -_- i failed on every spelling test iv ever realy thats not a joke.....anyway it look prity close....meh who cares HALO 2 COMES OUT TOMARROW!!! YAY!
fav. quote- i like sharp things, i like sharp things, i like sharp things, i like sharp things, i like sharp things, i like sharp things, i like sharp things, i like sharp things, i like sharp things, i like sharp things-
drawn in 3 hours 4 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Destervetha (Aug 22, 2004)
An Earth Wolfie! Maybe part of a series. Wow, long time no post >.< AND YET I LIIIIVE!
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Destervetha (Aug 23, 2004)
drawn in 2 min
Whoops, forgot the eye ;)
15grifficorntears (Aug 23, 2004)
pretty good, but you have to clean up the lines alittle.
psilocybin (Aug 23, 2004)
I like his face.

Linert's a little, um, scratchy? No that's not the right word... It still looks pretty good though.
friend (Aug 23, 2004)
forgot wat eye? is he the wolf that ate little miss red hood?or did he eat the granny? funny nose.
drawn in 59 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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