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drawn in 7 hours 31 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Smellymudhut (Jul 25, 2008)
Smellymudhut (Jul 25, 2008)
drawn in 2 hours 12 min
Smellymudhut (Jul 25, 2008)
drawn in 49 min
I didn't use a ref, so i'm really struggling with it :S
Smellymudhut (Jul 25, 2008)
drawn in 21 min
I need suggestions for a backgound :S
davincipoppalag (Jul 26, 2008)
A Very large tyrannosaurus with it's mouth open behind him!!! Looks great, particularly with no ref
Miss_DJ (Jul 26, 2008)
great lonely face. I think a lonely road to nowhere would be good. (like he's hitchin a ride (or trying to) in the desert.
bette_davis_eyes (Jul 26, 2008)
great face! love the expression ..and I love both dave's and miss donna's suggestions for the bg .. so do you go for funny or solemn? yup.. hard choice
Smellymudhut (edited Jul 29, 2008)
drawn in 2 hours 5 min
Thank you for the suggestions xD. I tried to do a desert scene, but i failed miserably, so i went for a screan from Bioshock behind him (which is a brilliant game on xbox 360 etc). It's kind of a spoiler, so if you haven't finished the game yet don't look at this xD.
Smellymudhut (edited Dec 18, 2008)
drawn in 23 min
I know the electricity plasmid is in the wrong hand, but i wanted to put it in anyways. I might make his eyes blue to match at some point, but i can't be bothered at the moment xD
Smellymudhut (Jul 29, 2008)
drawn in 4 min
Better >.<
Smellymudhut (Jul 29, 2008)
drawn in 1 hour 30 min
Miss_DJ (Jul 29, 2008)
nice goin couldn't go wrong with the background for this guy, it was bound to be great no matter what.
davincipoppalag (Jul 29, 2008)
Boo no 'Tyrannosaur lol.. What you did looks great
blinx989 (Jul 30, 2008)
OH THATS AWESOME! I love Bio Shock :] "Would you kindly?"
Smellymudhut (Sep 21, 2008)
drawn in 4 min
Just a couple of final tweaks ^^... this needs to be in intermediate but i don't know howi can change it down :S
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