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drawn in 17 hours with Oekaki Shi-Painter
rekkanoryu (Jul 18, 2008)
My rp character
rekkanoryu (Jul 18, 2008)
drawn in 1 hour 46 min
rekkanoryu (Jul 28, 2008)
drawn in 12 min
Meh still dont like it
ichigokurosaki (Jul 28, 2008)
i think its good
SuperNova (Jul 29, 2008)
: 3 would you like a tip <3 draw an undersketch acouple of times before you do an outerlayer it rly does help also you can get better proportions that way also another tip to help is that the elbow never goes below the waist and goes past the head by a little bit look at bodies on the internet if you have too thats what i do : 3 also i really like the eys and the face its very well done she is a cute person keep goin ; 3
rekkanoryu (edited Jul 29, 2008)
drawn in 5 hours 5 min
Meh still dont like it but I'm too tired of redoing the sketch art. (It didn't take that long, I was playing a videogame inbetween ^^;)
rekkanoryu (Jul 30, 2008)
drawn in 44 min
Got tired and stopped at the dress X_X
SuperNova (Jul 30, 2008)
thats looking very nice ^ ^
ichigokurosaki (Jul 31, 2008)
looking good better than i could do
rekkanoryu (Jul 31, 2008)
drawn in 1 hour 22 min
Finished the hair... thank god. Working on the wings but I can't get it to work for me *sob sob*
rekkanoryu (Aug 25, 2008)
drawn in 1 hour
Finished coloring the wings but still doing touch ups and background.
rekkanoryu (Aug 27, 2008)
drawn in 4 hours 26 min
still not done... stomach ache...
rekkanoryu (Sep 6, 2008)
drawn in 41 min
rekkanoryu (Sep 7, 2008)
drawn in 13 min
rekkanoryu (Sep 22, 2008)
drawn in 2 min
rekkanoryu (Feb 20, 2009)
drawn in 2 hours 10 min
rekkanoryu (edited Feb 20, 2009)
drawn in 2 min
It saved funny O3o
and I couldn't think of a background... oh well. lol
firecracker (Feb 20, 2009)
Very cute draw....I like the colors that you used! :)
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