500 Server Error
marcello (Jun 5, 2008)
You might have noticed a 500 Server Error message when you go to 2draw. We are not sure what is causing this issue (growing pains?), but we are looking into it and will keep you posted. If you see that error, try reloading 2draw after a couple minutes.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Marcello team
lori (Jun 5, 2008)
long as you are aware, that's good
Shanghai (Jun 5, 2008)
for some reason it seems to happen mostly at evening/night/early morning for me, mountain standard time.
Sweetcell (Jun 7, 2008)
I couldn't get on at all last night. And now it's slow as pudding.
MoonlitShadow (Jun 7, 2008)
Yeah, it did that to me late last night too, when I was going to submit a drawing, but 2draw was coming up with that error, so I just left the applet open and fell asleep. x.x
marcello (Jun 9, 2008)
I've been sick so I haven't had a chance to look into this. Is it still happening every night?
Shanghai (Jun 9, 2008)
It happened the night/early morning before last night for at least several hours, but I haven't been on much since then. I don't know if it's every single night, but then again I'm not on throughout the night to know if it's briefly like that.

in other news, my plane is nearly here. Just three more airports to get through after this. x_x
RanmaGuy (Jun 15, 2008)
If you're using caching like APC, it could be that you've exhausted the available memory available to the optimizer, which would result in the errors. I know you probably don't need help with this, but if you do, just give me a call. I know you're probably still sick and all, and I don't mind helping diagnosing anything for you if you need someone to on the side.
davincipoppalag (Jun 19, 2008)
I don't think its a caching issue.. it just goes down for extended periods sometimes (like today) I coudnt open it from home nor from work until late in the afternoon..and often when it DOES open it's as sluggish as an old man in a motorhome in the high speed lane going 30 with his blinker on ....oh wait.. that was me.. nm..
marcello (Jun 23, 2008)
The problem is on the server, not the user-side. The caching RG is referring to is not browser cache, it's something else. It is most likely related to the limited amount of ram our server has (probably less than most of you have).
davincipoppalag (Jun 25, 2008)
I love when you talk dirty :0)
Sweetcell (Jul 5, 2008)
Well I got this last night and could not log on. *le sigh*
davincipoppalag (Jul 5, 2008)
So did I ..damned thing wouldnt load..
PolythenePam (Jul 5, 2008)
yeah, course my timezone's different and all, but it was down for the whole day.
bette_davis_eyes (Jul 5, 2008)
It was down all yesterday for me too :(
MoonlitShadow (edited Jul 7, 2008)
Oh man, I almost freaked out the other night when I tried to come here and got that error. x-x;; I don't come here too often even though I love this site and I forgot it was having these errors and when I tried to come here the other night and it wasn't working I almost paniced thinking the site had died forever. D= but I figured it was just some temporary problem, which I now found out it was, since here I am posting now. o-o
marcello (edited Jul 7, 2008)
we unfortunately (as you can tell) still haven't figured out what's going on.

You can check the downtime status here:

Feel free to bookmark the page.
Roxana1890 (Jul 9, 2008)
hmm..i haven`t been able to log in in the last 6-7 hours..the page "2draw" just wouldn`t load.and i was not the only one who was not capable to upload the page , also the user " catapumblamblam" couldn` that a server problem that doesn`t let some internet connections to reach this page or what? the other internet websites were working just fine.
marcello (Jul 9, 2008)
that is likely an unrelated issue localized to your region. the site hasn't been down for more than a few minutes in the last 4-5 days.
Sweetcell (Jul 20, 2008)
Yay, your back. I couldn't get on all night because of this error.
Kentai12 (Jul 21, 2008)
oh LOL i thought i was banned from 2draw or something allong those lines, its good to be back
Pantera (Jul 21, 2008)
I see I am not the only one that can not get in.
Roytje (edited Jul 22, 2008)
Am I the only one who can't revise drawings?? I get a big red cross in the left corner...
-edit- never mind, I can revise again...
Xodiak (Jul 25, 2008)
Pandora (Aug 2, 2008)
I lost my image. Is this part of the 500 server error?
marcello (Aug 2, 2008)
Pandora: how did you "lose" your image? did you get a 500 error when trying to submit?
Lucy90 (Aug 3, 2008)
I've lost 2 of my pictures when trying to submit last night and today.
marcello (Aug 8, 2008)
Oi. This is really getting annoying. Hope to have some time this week to figure this out.
Kentai12 (Aug 8, 2008)
im just happy, 2draw is back on, the one day i had an idea for what to draw, 2draw was having problems, how ironic.
davincipoppalag (edited Aug 9, 2008)
Ya.. it was down all day for me.. glad it's back Next day: Sat Damn I wanted to draw today and it was off all freakin day!!! I'm having withdrawals!
Dr.Moony (edited Aug 10, 2008)
Am I the only one who can't submit right now??
Arrgh the way, it's good old 500.
edit: problem solved ... I apparently used too many layers.
Roytje (edited Aug 10, 2008)
I checked it with a 1 minute drawing.. I had no problems.

-edit ah, ok :)
marcello (Aug 10, 2008)
I think one of the issues is the server is running out of memory (hence 500 errors on submitting large images). unfortunately, upgrading the memory is somewhat of expensive.
Kloxboy (Aug 14, 2008)
If you guys want this problem to go away, donate money to 2draw. If you really want to keep 2draw running smoothly, you, the -users-, need to donate more. Collectively, if we all pitched in a little for expenses, 2draw might be able to pay for a memory upgrade and perhaps more.

Considering how unique 2draw is and the high activity of it's users, I don't think it's asking too much for a little monetary assistance. Marcello has made an effort to modify the site to the 'users' liking, he takes suggestions all the time and has implemented them when he can.

The problem is apparent, it's up to you, the users, the 2draw community, to help 2draw improve.
GoldDragonfly (Aug 14, 2008)
ofcourse we want this problem away (at least me) and i would make a donation if i knew how ._. when i go to the wiki and click donations says not text in this page -.-
i really wanna support this site, i like it alot!
so... could you explain how...?
Shanghai (Aug 14, 2008)
send marcello a memo and ask for his mailing address. I wouldn't recommend sending cash through the mail, but I know a money order works and a check should too.
Dr.Moony (edited Aug 14, 2008)
Here is the donation page:
I had to use search. Wondering why it's not on the frontpage anymore.

Are there so much more active users around? Are there more at all??
I can't recall this error anytime before 2008...or even before the design change in April.

Is it really because Marcello just allowed *unlimited* filesize for each image? Back in the days with limit you could still submit things which were larger than the limit, but you couldn't revise them after that. But as I said, 500 never occurred. Or am I wrong?

Does this error result from too large or too many images which are submitted? (where the site is down for a couple of hours)
Cause I didn't put the server down when I tried to upload my clearly too large image. Upload just didn't work....other things worked well.
davincipoppalag (Aug 14, 2008)
It's only happened since the switch to the new server last year. I'm not sure if the new one is as large or whatever. Anyway glad you found the donation page... I think cello is moving so there wont be an address to mail things at present.
marcello (Aug 15, 2008)
The problem is a combination of memory limit (the server is only running on 256MB of ram), some memory leak which we exactly haven't tracked down (that kind of debugging isn't my forte, it's likely either lighttpd, fast-cgi, or php, and the system admin hasn't had a chance to look at it), so we are looking at moving 2draw to a new server with more ram (since it'd be cheaper than upgrading the current one).
Sweetcell (Aug 26, 2008)
Does this explain why 2draw is slow as pudding? It takes forever for an image or page to load. I sit and see that empty bar fill up telling me the page is loading, but it just remains empty.

marcello (Aug 27, 2008)
maybe... we'll be moving to a new server soon (I've already purchased it and started testing/setting it up), just need to find a free block of time that I can do the move during.
davincipoppalag (Aug 28, 2008)
April fools weekend would be good.. then if there are glitches you can tell us it was part of the joke!! Give us a ballpark on the cost..maybe we can drum up some contributions to the "marcello needy fund"!!
marcello (Aug 28, 2008)
the new server actually costs around the same as the old server, but it's not necessarily a fuji and granny smith comparison.
davincipoppalag (Aug 28, 2008)
So we should maybe send you navels and winesaps?
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