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drawn in 42 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
solve (Apr 14, 2008)
Collab between my love and I. I'm trying to get them to join.
solve (Apr 14, 2008)
drawn in 42 min
saprophilous (Apr 20, 2008)
xoxoxo it is my pleasure
I loved watching you draw on this.
davincipoppalag (Apr 20, 2008)
Join join.
Deino (Apr 20, 2008)
Hmm.. love it, yes yes yes.
lori (Apr 20, 2008)
this is wild, I really like it
Moosh (Apr 21, 2008)
Sweet. I love it.
patienceisoverrated (Apr 21, 2008)
This is tiiiiight
LisaAnne (May 9, 2008)
Very nice...insect like....
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