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drawn in 3 hours 42 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
QTgillie (Mar 25, 2008)
Can you guess who this prime time tv series actress is?
QTgillie (Mar 25, 2008)
drawn in 1 hour 37 min
davincipoppalag (Mar 25, 2008)
No idea, I hardly watch prime time TV lol. Pretty job on the lacy dress
Wizzard (Mar 25, 2008)
Oh Yeah, thats whats her name. I'm sorry, I don't know.
Meno (Mar 26, 2008)
Looks like Mariska Hargitay ... but I don't watch much prime time, either ('cepting CSI) :)
Anatomic_Chromaticism (Mar 26, 2008)
I have no idea, but when I saw the thumb I thought it was Stifler's mom xD
QTgillie (Mar 26, 2008)
drawn in 43 min
I think eyes were too close together so I pulled them apart, now I think her right eye is above her left eye.....argggg. Will work on some more later.
QTgillie (Mar 26, 2008)
drawn in 12 min
Aakyra (Mar 26, 2008)
She reminds me a little of Erika on one of the soaps... don't really watch just like noise while I am getting ready for work! Nice QT!
QTgillie (Mar 27, 2008)
She is Mariska Hargitay, as Meno guessed. Now that I look at her she does have the Erica Kane from All My Children Aakyra. Still have no idea who Stifler is Anatomic. Thanks everyone for commenting.
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