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drawn in 2 hours 31 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
elly (Mar 24, 2008)
For you, Susie Q. =)
elly (Mar 24, 2008)
drawn in 2 hours 31 min
davincipoppalag (Mar 24, 2008)
That's so mystically pretty miss elly
Wizzard (Mar 24, 2008)
Pretty cool
elly (Mar 24, 2008)
Tanks! =D
gloworm043 (Mar 24, 2008)
Very pretty..:)
Xina54 (Mar 25, 2008)
beautiful, ethereal, full of love and wonder . . .
STARZSHINE (Mar 25, 2008)
awwwe elly so pretty my grand daughter will love this one she loves angels and fairys and all that magical stuff. Very nice work just lovely!
gel_o (Mar 25, 2008)
Very nice work...thanks for sharing!
Aakyra (Mar 25, 2008)
Gorgeous Elly!
KuteDymples (Jan 13, 2009)
Oh my! For me? This is brilliant to say the least but such an honor from such a sweet lady. How did I miss this yesterday when I was here? Thank you E!
Babsblueeyes (Jan 13, 2009)
Hi Elly This is BBEs any new draws?
elly (Jan 13, 2009)
Kute, I drew this for you back in March!! LOL Glad you finally found it!!! You were going thru a bit of a hard time back then...
Hey babs! Yeah, check out my gallery when you like! =)
KuteDymples (Jan 13, 2009)
Evidently this is the angel that has been by my side through everything, finally nice to meet her in person. She guided me to the right path! :-)
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