watch animation - 100% - zoom in - zoom out
drawn in 1 hour 19 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
KathyH (Mar 14, 2008)
KathyH (Mar 14, 2008)
drawn in 1 hour 19 min
enjoydotcom (Mar 14, 2008)
Very good doggy! And it such a short time-span too!
KathyH (Mar 14, 2008)
Thanks! :o)
davincipoppalag (Mar 14, 2008)
I never saw one with so much fur.. cute drawing Kath
KathyH (Mar 14, 2008)
Thanks Dave! This is a Long Haired Dachshund, a friend of mine has one, they're great dogs.
QTgillie (Mar 14, 2008)
A long haired dachshund I think....he is a winner. Very well behaved I see also. Is he yours? Oh, the comments first, dum me........I see it is and is not yours. Still adorable and well drawn. He seems pretty confidant!
lori (Mar 14, 2008)
this is a great drawing, well done
my son keeps asking for this kind of dog, they really are cuties
KuteDymples (Mar 15, 2008)
That's Georgie my sisters dog! OMG! I am going to have to show her this picture Kathy. Those dogs are very obiedient and loving and I would recommend to anyone wanting one to get one. Georgie is about 5-6 yrs old now and is an incredible dog. Kathy it looks like you was at my sisters house and took a picture of him. Oh I love this!
STARZSHINE (Mar 19, 2008)
adorable doggie! so cute, love the long hairs much better than the short hair dachshund. Beautiful work Kathy.
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