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drawn in 2 hours 7 min with Lascaux Sketch
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Zack (Dec 19, 2007) — edit
Thievery Corporation - The Mirror Conspiracy
Koop - Koop Islands
Air - The Virgin Suicides
Tycho - Past is Prologue
Zack (Dec 19, 2007)
drawn in 1 hour 5 min
staci (Dec 19, 2007)
what the poo?!
davincipoppalag (Dec 19, 2007)
You be crankin' out these things Zack.dayum
Zack (Dec 19, 2007)
Yeah, stuff has been turning out better than I expected and I feel like sitting back and calling it a productive day, but that'd be some weak shit. I know I have more ideas. Confucius say, "Just Do It Bitch!"
Kloxboy (Dec 19, 2007)
Looks like a cool place to hang out. I bet it'll look great finished.
Zack (Dec 19, 2007)
drawn in 1 hour 2 min
Arcade Fire - Neon Bible
vlad.the.hamster (Dec 19, 2007)
Woah, that's awesome!
Roytje (Dec 19, 2007)
Brilliant. :)
PS (Dec 19, 2007)
Wow, great work.
staci (Dec 19, 2007)
looks like water now!
Sweetcell (Dec 19, 2007)
Nice to have you back. Your one of the best there.

So how's the job going?
Trazor (Dec 19, 2007)
Very nice... busy, yet quiet
Zack (Dec 19, 2007)
Thanks you cool cats.

I actually quit the job, haha! I was overworked (acting as both lead artist and art director for a time) and the company's next choice of project (a gory first-person-shooter) did not enthuse me. I had saved up a sum of money by spending all my time working for a year, so I decided to take a few months just working on my art skills before applying for my next job. I left on really good terms, though, and might go back for a less demanding job like Environment Concept Artist or something so I can stay in town for another year once the savings run out. :)
concannon (Dec 19, 2007)
You know, I had forgotten that I love you. Fantastic mood, lighting, blah blah blah. I wish I had the patience to do architecture-y things for myself.

Great to see you back.
safescene (Dec 24, 2007)
wow, you're already acquiring adoring fans (see above). Good lighting and mood; Air'll do that to ya.

p.s. Broken Social Scene - You Forgot It In People
Zack (Dec 25, 2007)
Thanks Concannon and Laura! I shall now scurry off to find previews of the recommended compact disc for listening with my ears. You always had good taste in music, Laura.
sonzai (Dec 25, 2007)
wow beautiful!
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