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drawn in 2 hours 47 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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marcello (Sep 8, 2003) — edit
I start my drawings with random lines, and then decide what they are.
marcello (Sep 8, 2003)
drawn in 1 hour 56 min
amuy (Sep 8, 2003)
good for you marcello! *claps* good for you...

is it a perosn surfing on a in christmas vacation with sled mabober..i need to watch that movie..heh funny
Marienkind (Sep 8, 2003)
hmm, it's a 400 pound transexual leaf fairy, riding the leaf winds: he is the leaf waker! o_o but weighing so much is such a burden, so he has his trusty anti-grav coat that generates waves of stuff that uh... doesn't like gravity! yeah! (psst: and he won an Outstanding St. Louis Scientists' Award, hehe)

good lineart.
marcello (Sep 9, 2003)
drawn in 50 min
meh, can't decide if I like the outline or not. but anyway, finished.
concannon (Sep 9, 2003)
Nah, it's not either. This, my friends (and others), is what a anthro fly looks like. However, somehow the wings, antenna, and probiscus were missed. We are left with the eyes. Heh.

Snazzy coloring, Cello.
Fin_beast (Sep 9, 2003)
its a leaf penguin dressed in a green coat and a bike helmet which are both way to big for him!

including some black juice... >:) heh
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