boardsbeginner"Bruh" is for "Brother"
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drawn in 19 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
DieChan (Oct 2, 2007)
Panel 1: BRUH' quit cheatin' BRUH.
Panel 2: *leap* GRAH!!
Panel 3: *growl snarl roar*
Panel 4: If you ever say "Bruh" again I'LL KILL YOU.

And it's not that I have anything against black people, and while I do think that the way they talk is a sin against the english language, I don't make fun of them or anything. But when my own brother starts saying things like "bruh" and "nigga" (please don't hurt me), I call the grammar nazi in.

I apologize of this offends anyone.
DieChan (Oct 2, 2007)
drawn in 19 min
Chikankei (Oct 2, 2007)
Ur brothers gonna get keelt if he keeps sayin stuff like that
deathking (Oct 2, 2007)
Bruh is more surfer white moron guy, like "Thats totally radical bruh" which I hate and will stab anyone if they say that.
Chikankei (Oct 3, 2007)
I dont say "Bruh" but I sometimes do that thing with my hand that surfer doods do. With your thumb and pinky finger
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