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marcello (edited Aug 17, 2002)
2ドラ!Listen up new comers and surfers!

I'm putting this question out to everyone who visits here! What would you like to see here?
That is, to improve the site, what changes, new features, or simply 'more people' would you like?

I have several new features I'm working on at the moment to improve the site, but in addition, the best way to make the site better is for users like you!

If you'd like more people here, well, everyone can help that by sticking around! Plus I can see how many exclamation marks I can use in one message!

Anyway so post your thoughts, suggestions, solutions here or if you're too friggen lazy to make a user account, email me!

kaT (edited Aug 17, 2002)
i would like to see a forum for stories that suround the chacters that you draw
marcello (edited Aug 17, 2002)
What kind forum...that is would it function any differently than the current message boards?
kaT (edited Aug 19, 2002)
not really, it would just point out the fact that it's a space to work out story lines, if you want.
marcello (edited Aug 19, 2002)
Well I'll see about adding that, is anyone interested in this feature as well?
Zebulan_Zackary (edited Aug 21, 2002)
Hi Marcello,

I think that I see a frequently occuring theme of Japanese animation style characters or situations. I think it would be really cool if there was a feature to do a series or grouping of pictures comic stip style. Also, I realize that this would be difficult to manage, but there are some users on here who seem to have some incredible talent, it would be great to see some kind of user rating where people could rate pictures on a scale of like 1 through 10 and the top pictures would get saved to the site so that they don't get lost in the obscurity of time. (I sort of got this idea from the web site).
Terra_Stryker (edited Aug 22, 2002)
I like the ideas mentioned above. Very kool.
Maybe the option to edit images on the large board? Not much of a big change, But I find that the normal board is somewhat small, and with the large board, you can't be interrupted, or you will either have a massively long time, or an incomplete pic :(
kaT (edited Aug 22, 2002)
i like ZZ's idea as well. wonder why i didn't think of a comic type style...
marcello (edited Aug 24, 2002)
I'm kind of reluctant to do the rating idea as it highly opinionated, and the ratings will rarely be fair.
If I had ratings, you'd have to post a decent comment along with the score as well (otherwise it'd be deleted). So in that case, why don't you just post comments on pictures!
I could add a feature to list pictures with most comments, does that sound like a good comprimise?

As for grouping pictures, I'm willing to make personal boards for users if they'd like to create a comic strip. You'd have to be serious about it, and I suggest drawing 2-4 strips on one of the current boards before requesting a board (I can then move them to your board). As for grouping images, I'll see if I can come up with a logical way to support something like that.

I'm not entirely sure why you can't edit on the large board, but there is a space limit per image (which will eventually prevent editing of large images). The members board has a higher limit so that you can fit more edits per image, but you have to added to the user list to draw on that board.

Since I'm a user of this board as well, I just thought I'd post my thoughts. Personally, I'd like to see more people drawing and commenting. Not just experts or beginners, but a range of different users from all mixes. I know it's a lot to ask for, but I've found that more artists (particularlly intermediate-to-expert users) inspires more people to draw on a particular site (catch 22, eh?).

The only thing I can think of is to get artists from other sites to just try out this site and see what they think. I do a lot of things differently from other sites, and in my opinion, makes this site just a couple levels higher than your typical oekaki site.

So while I work on these new features (as well as lascaux sketch!), if you spread the word, on the net, at school, with your friends, just give them the url and they can wander around the site at will.
kowst (edited Aug 27, 2002)
i think it would be cool to get some moderators on here and maybe have a rating system whereby the rating is part of people's comments.
Xodiak (edited Aug 27, 2002)
I agree with Marcello, I think it would be nice more people to come here and draw and also people who draw here draw more often! >:)
marcello (edited Aug 27, 2002)
kowst: do you mean like moderators who rate/C&C pics? Or moderators who just get rid of junk and whatnot...?
kowst (edited Aug 28, 2002)
moderators who get to delete junk and whatnot - i only want them coz i want to be one XD
marcello (edited Aug 28, 2002)
Lol, ok. well we already have a bunch, kinda, and there isn't enough traffic to warrant more, at the moment, but I'll see what I can do when I have a chance.
kowst (edited Aug 29, 2002)
OH I just read an older news entry as well and I think it would be great to draw user avatar/icons if you want them.... :)
marcello (edited Aug 30, 2002)
Do you think user icons should be restricted to pics drawn on this site or should you be able to upload/link your own pic from your hd or something (advantage of that is you can do animated gifs, the disadvantage is you can do animated gifs)...?
kaT (edited Aug 30, 2002)
personal icons rock. and it might be easier to go from HD of other sites
kowst (edited Aug 30, 2002)
I think personally that you should have to draw your icon - it makes the site more personal
marcello (edited Aug 31, 2002)
Ya, I think I agree. I'll put it on the list for 2draw v2.0, coming soon! I should mention that soon means like within the next couple years assuming I don't get a life.
Splatman1984 (edited Sep 16, 2002)
How about a more advanced search feture?
marcello (edited Sep 16, 2002)
To be honest with you, the one thing I'm not very skilled with in programming is searching... I'm not entirely sure how it works and there seem to be so many different ways...
I'll look into a better search system (if I can't write one, adapt someone else's) for 2draw v2.0 (adds to list).
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