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'Life isn't just about passing on your genes.
We can leave behind much more than just DNA.
Through speech, music, literature and movies...
what we've seen, heard, felt
...anger, joy and sorrow...
these are the things I will pass on.'
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thumbnail it's on west kirby beach, which is near liverpool, england. we found a dead seal on the beach :|
May 6, 2004
thumbnail you should be able to continue a drawing with the layers you left it with. that is my only gripe. la...
May 22, 2003
thumbnail i am indeed a male. and yes the eyes and mouth went very wrong >=(
a real picture of me would be ht...
May 22, 2003
thumbnail well done mazi =D i like it a lot
i really can't stand buffy but I have to admit that Spike is a co...
May 21, 2003
thumbnail whoah... this is really nice.
i love the shading, especially the way the nose is shaded on the face...
May 21, 2003
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