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drawn in 1 hour 13 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Punky (Sep 15, 2007)
Always picking fights you can't win.
Punky (Sep 15, 2007)
drawn in 1 hour 13 min
Hotaru-chan (Sep 15, 2007)
Oh man, this picture made me Lulz so hard. XDDDD

Yesterday a fight broke out between a senior and a freshman and the freshman totally kicked the senior's ass.

p.s. I love the coloring on this and the boy's face looks priceless.
Lore_V_of_BlackHat (Sep 15, 2007)
Poor little kid, thats what happens when you're trying to show off that you can beat any one.......D:>
Really love his expresion my friend really love those adorable furry kids of yours.....:D
............Logging of Lore.V.............
lsvr (Sep 16, 2007)
Love the expression, and the colors are awesome. The texture almost makes it look like clay -- you've used the characteristics of Shi-Painter so well.
Punky (Sep 16, 2007)
Thank you all very very much. :)
deathking (Sep 16, 2007)
You should make birthday cards, you would make millions.
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