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concannon (edited Sep 6, 2003)
Yes. We need the background. We do.

Seriously. Here is the pic. We need someone to save that sorry excuse of a background for us. Porcelain's preferred people would've been Alienated, or tappie_chan, but as neither really are around anymore, she asked me to make a post. And so I did.

Please respond to this post via comments, not memos.

[edit]: Alright. There have been 43 people to view this post, and no one's responded. I want that background finished, dammit! *glowers*
Aunvi (Sep 6, 2003)
*raises hand* I'd do it I guess. Nobody's commenting so......*shrugs* I guess I could do it.
furyofroy (edited Sep 6, 2003)
a'ight, I'm up for the job as well. Unless you've already chosen Aunvi, of course. XB

[edit]: Kay, fini.
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