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drawn in 2 hours 23 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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Hakkai (Aug 29, 2007) — edit
Hot hot hot. D:

Lazy shading, sorry.
Proof that I haven't completely disappeared.
Hakkai (Aug 29, 2007)
drawn in 2 hours 13 min
Punky (Aug 29, 2007)
Even if you did lazy shading it's still awesome.
This is so smooth and clean. :)
davincipoppalag (Aug 29, 2007)
Yay.. no we have a Kai..Seems it would be cooler in the .....shading? heheh
Hakkai (Aug 29, 2007)
drawn in 9 min
Lol. What shading?
Maiko (Aug 29, 2007)
Woo B: Mai lurve 'Kai

And yeah, it's 90 to 100 degrees in my room during the daytime, sucks eggs. B:<
Trace_Balthier (Aug 29, 2007)
Nice pic!
fleeting_memory (Aug 29, 2007)
you live! And yes-very very hot :(
Wraith (Aug 30, 2007)
Great Pic! I have the fan Blazing right now!
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