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jasonslove (Jul 31, 2007)
hi! i came to this site because i am on a quest. i have a wonderful idea for a tattoo for my husband, but i can't draw. i am looking for someone to take my description and draw a picture of it. this is going to be a welcome home surprise for him and i am really hoping to find someone to do this for me. maybe someone out there who likes to draw will be willing to help me out. my name is jackie and my email is thanks!
Kloxboy (Jul 31, 2007)
Absolutely, you bet, I could totally do that. I imagine I could draw you an awesome tattoo, all for the low price of $500. Sound good?
davincipoppalag (Jul 31, 2007)
You might have better luck at this place There have been "design a tattoo contests " there and some very talented artists.
concannon (Aug 2, 2007)
Yeah, I'm sorry, but most of the more talented artists here (ie, the ones who you would want to do this) would require at least some sort of payment. And from your request, it sounds as if you weren't planning on paying for such a design.

Hon, we need monies, we can't draw for free.
Dr.Moony (Aug 2, 2007)
@Klox: I would take the money and force someone else to do it for the the fraction of what you got from jasonslove or for free. That's how smart people do it.
Maybe jasonslove is exactly such a person .... part of a large and corrupt corporation. Ready to enslave online artists for their million dollar projects... simply to earn even more money.
Beautiful money...Mohaha
Kloxboy (Aug 2, 2007)
Time and skill is money, some people learn this the hard way (especially commercial artists).
Sweetcell (Aug 2, 2007)
I do for 200, you have big happy good time.
deathking (Aug 2, 2007)
I find it rather low to expect people to do something for free when it should be set at some cost. To take advantage of those who love what they do and think a few compliments might squeeze your way into theyre personal agenda without a little payment is cruel in my view. You should of first looked at some of the art and found a few artist you like and see who would do it the cheapest but still look good.
jasonslove (Aug 3, 2007)
i don't think any of you are deserving enough to draw for my husband. i never said i wouldn't pay. that was something i thought maybe we could discuss in private after i saw some work and we talked about exactly what i wanted. maybe you all should get out in the sunshine more. i actually thought you "artists" would be eager to show off your work.
patienceisoverrated (Aug 3, 2007)
Us 'artists' get quite enough requests from people who expect that we will jump at the chance to draw for free for the 'exposure' or to 'get our work out there', and it's insulting. We are friendly people, but you wouldn't expect a plumber or an accountant you've never met to do you plumbing or your books for free, why an artist? The phrasing in your request, "i am looking for someone to take my description and draw a picture of it," "maybe someone out there who likes to draw will be willing to help me out," makes it seem like you are looking for it to be done for free. If that wasn't your intention, then it would be best, anywhere else you're going to post this message, to add a short 'I'll discuss payment with you privately' or somesuch to the end.
Kloxboy (Aug 3, 2007)
Exactly Jessie.

jasonslove: First off, where do you get off saying "i don't think any of you are deserving enough to draw for my husband"? Then you go on to insult all of us, making no distinction between our comments. If anyone is undeserving here, it's you. I think you need to rethink your approach when asking people for artwork and consider apologizing for your comments. This is not "Artist's R' US", we're not here eagerly waiting for art commissions and employment opportunities. This is an art community, I suggest you read the site docs.
Pantera (Aug 4, 2007)
OMG remind me never to ask any of you to draw anything for me , free or otherwise. Those of you that responded to her post just assumed she was not going to pay anything, well I think there was a reason she posted her e-mail. People please!!!!

Just say NO or don't respond if you do not want to draw for anyone, there is no need to be so freaking rude. I am really shocked at some of you here. Before you ask, NO, I do not know this person called "jasonslove" I felt I must say something after reading how some of you were treating her, get off your "high horse" and be nice to people :)

Jasonslove, the best thing for you to do is go to local tattoo shops and look at their work. When you find an artist you like, ask him/her to draw it for you, they only charge a small fee or include the cost in the price of the tatoo, I know I had some done for me. Another suggestion is as you are looking at artists work, message only those artists you feel could do a good job for you. This will eliminate the "mob mentality" that you experienced here. Not all artists are rude like some of these people, I hope you find what you are looking for and good luck :)
davincipoppalag (Aug 4, 2007)
I still say some of the doodlebuggers would be a good choice..they've done them before
Kloxboy (Aug 4, 2007)
Pantera: Aside from maybe deathking, no one was rude to her. So she didn't get the answers or artist she wanted, that doesn't give her the right to insult everyone.

I jokingly requested $500 for my services, knowing from the start she never intended to pay that much, I hardly think that's rude behavior (probably not that funny but I gotta try :P). concannon merely stated the truth, jasonslove's request was fairly typical of someone looking for free artwork and concannon responded pretty fairly. even citing her reasoning. So, rather than addressing the comments or members that upset her, jasonslove insults everyone collectively saying we're not "deserving" and said "you all should get out in the sunshine more". When you insult people, be specific, otherwise you're just being a jerk, of course, it's even wiser to not insult people in the first place. I certainly don't want to start a mob mentality or some other type of hysteria regarding jasonslove's behavior, I do, however, think she needs to know that her comments were unfounded and petty.

If you have a problem with something or someone, it pays to be specific.
concannon (Aug 4, 2007)
I <3 you Klox.
Sweetcell (Aug 4, 2007)
I second that Concannon. :)

Besides, for someone who's married (and I'm supposing an adult) she writes like a 12 year old. How hard is it NOT to capitolize your I's? K, maybe that was a little rude.

But seriously, next time mention that there would be payment or your going to get reactions like this. We really are nice people. Cept when someone tells us to get out in the sunshine, then, well.....
deathking (Aug 4, 2007)
I was rude but that was intentional, there wasnt the slightest implication of payment and Im rather mouthy at times.
jasonslove (edited Aug 4, 2007)
pantera, thank you. yes, most of the rest were rude (including kloxboy). one person started out with his nose out of joint and the rest just all jumped on the bandwagon. you are right about the tattoo shops, i'll try there. my husband isn't currently home and i want a nice picture to send to him to go with my description. that's all i wanted. if i knew how sites like this worked, maybe i would have looked at your works first, but i didn't and NObody bothered to contact me or nicely explain anything. all i got were strangers jumping to conclusions and jumping down my throat. don't worry, i won't bother you again. oh and when i said "undeserving", i meant your attitudes, not your work. now that i know a little how this site works and i've seen some work, i'm awed at all of your talent. maybe you don't know how frustating it is for those of us who can't draw. i have an idea in my head and i can see exactly how i want it to look, i just can't get it out on paper. that's why i wanted some help.
marcello (Aug 4, 2007)
do you have any friends with artistic talent? they're probably worth asking before strangers.
shalalaheartattack (Aug 4, 2007)
Jasonslove, Klox wasn't rude to you at all, even after you passed the undeserving comment. I think you're doing most of the jumping. And when you saw people saying that you should be offering money, you could have said respectfully that it was your intention to do so without insinuating that we need to "get a life", so to speak.

Remember, these people have been here much longer than you, and there is a feeling of love and community between most of the members. Therefore, if you go after one, others are very likely to come to their defense, not because of a "mob" or "bandwagon" mentality.
Kloxboy (Aug 4, 2007)
jasonslove: You didn't apologize for your insults, so you're just making it worse. I think you're completely off base if you think my comments were rude, or anyone else's comments for that matter. Notice that, aside from deathking, no one went out of their way to "jump down your throat" until you insulted them. The evidence is right above, scroll up and check it out. Usually, I would ignore people like yourself but you made some pretty lame comments and continue to reinforce them, don't think for a second I'm going to tolerate -your- attitude.
Orkdoop (Aug 5, 2007)
hahahaha! funny
Anna (Aug 5, 2007)

After reading all this, most people who have replied here have portrayed 2Draw to be a bunch of arrogant artists with a lot of attitude. To be fair, I also read it in a way that perhaps she wanted it done for free. However, instead of just coming out and ASKING about any compensation, many who responded automatically assumed that it was to be a freebie without even giving the poor woman a chance. C'mon.
Sutafani (Aug 6, 2007)
I want to be a tattoo artist when I'm older, and yea, I know my computer drawings are not much to show for it now, but I really think you should do what some people say and look around at tattoo shops, find a tattoo artist whose work you like most in your area, and have he/she draw it. the only reason why some of us are being hard on you is because if we just "send you" what you want what won't stop you from just printing it off your computer and then taking it to the tattoo shop from there? You would get your tattoo, and we would get no payment for the artwork. And I'm not trying to be rude but that is what is going through my head based on your prevous comments...
staci (Aug 6, 2007)
agree with anna. i probably would have been defensive as well after reading the replies.

i've received several requests to do portraits and i consider it a huge compliment. i think that because she's not a 'regular' there was a quickness to jump to the conclusion she wanted something for nothing and the usual 'lynchmob' mentality that goes on here quite often. she was nice enough in her original post.
lori (Aug 6, 2007)
all the conversation aside except for the first post, I would draw whatever and could care less about payment - I do it almost every day anyway and I've said it before on here and I'll say it again, anyone can right click and save, ya know?
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