boardsbeginnerLong cool tiger in a red scarf.
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drawn in 57 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
friend (Jul 30, 2007)
hobbes_200_225.jpg (JPEG Image, 200x225 pixels) Reference. So people aren't like OMG YOU TOTALLY FORGOT HIS OTHER EAR MAN!!!!!!! Cool.
friend (Jul 30, 2007)
drawn in 56 min
friend (Jul 30, 2007)
drawn in 57 sec
Ty854 (Jul 30, 2007)
NICE!!! next draw a version of hobbes as a baby!!!!!!!!
davincipoppalag (Jul 30, 2007)
Ha. I loved them..not a bad renditon at all! (even without the ear)
enjoydotcom (Jul 30, 2007)
Calvin and Hobbes are two of my favorite cartoon characters. For some odd reason they're called Casper and Hobbes over here. Funny drawing.
vapor (Jul 31, 2007)
a thoughtful Hobbes, nice job!
friend (Jul 31, 2007)
Thanks. Good idea Ty854, I shall.
klm21 (Jun 27, 2008)
great drawing look cute!!!
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