watch animation - 100% - zoom in - zoom out
drawn in 2 hours 18 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Expendable-Studios (Jun 29, 2007)
new icon!!!!
Expendable-Studios (Jun 29, 2007)
drawn in 6 min
mooki (Jun 29, 2007)
what is it?

i like it alot.


really what is it?
Expendable-Studios (Jun 29, 2007)
drawn in 17 min
Expendable-Studios (Jun 29, 2007)
drawn in 10 min
baryonyx is a dinosaur related to spinosaur, it uses long hooklike claws to catch fish :] it's one of my favorite dinos.
Expendable-Studios (Jun 29, 2007)
drawn in 12 min
Sweetcell (Jun 29, 2007)
TRISH, where have you been? I've been noticing people leaving, makes me sad. :( So happy when they come back. I know, summer, most people want to be outdoors and all. Still, hope you won't disapeer for awhile. :)

Looking awesome, looking awesome, yes, yes, yes.

Btw, where's Cam been lately?
Expendable-Studios (Jun 29, 2007)
i've been working and reading alot and havn't had alot of inspiration to draw lately. cam is working too and dosn't really want to draw either. it'll start up once winter hits :]
enjoydotcom (Jun 29, 2007)
This is super!
Noremac (Jun 29, 2007)
I'm starting a comic :|

I'll let you know if I get anywhere with it.
Sweetcell (Jun 29, 2007)
Cammo, good to see you too. Well since you won't be around for awhile and I need the space I'm going to set our collab to finished. But it'll still be open for you to color when you want, s'okay?
Expendable-Studios (Jun 30, 2007)
drawn in 7 min
bit by bit
Expendable-Studios (Jul 10, 2007)
drawn in 42 min
i know it dosn't have a tongue but i can't seem to get it right so bear with me.
Expendable-Studios (Jul 17, 2007)
drawn in 40 min
zoom zoom zoom
doodledaniel (Jul 17, 2007)
turned out great! looks like it will turn out to ge a cool comic :)
concannon (edited Jul 17, 2007)
Baryonyx, yay! :D Dinosaurs make me happy. Great lines here, and really awesome color choice. I don't mention this vindictively, but I would like to note that he has no tongue. ~__~

Hahahaha, never mind, I just noticed your comment. Er.
Higakitakiko (Jul 17, 2007)
OMG! It reminds me of the dino's from the Land Before Time series!!! I have all of the videos and I love it!!!! *hugs the computer* it's soooo good! (wishes her lineart was as good as yours)
davincipoppalag (Jul 17, 2007)
You do such great reptilians Trish.. (even if there ARE no boobs for cam)
Expendable-Studios (Jul 17, 2007)
mabe i should draw a dino with boobs for you Davinci, cause something's telling me you don't mention boobs for cams sake :]
Sweetcell (Jul 17, 2007)
He's so colorfully beautiful, so glad you finished this and used the colors that you did.
davincipoppalag (Jul 17, 2007)
Yea.. cam sends me money to find all the pics with boobs!! Ask him!
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