boardsadvancedSelf Portrait. <Unfinished>
watch animation - 100% - zoom in - zoom out
drawn in 2 hours 39 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Dromophobic_o.o (Jun 12, 2007)
no where near done ]8

Dromophobic_o.o (Jun 12, 2007)
drawn in 59 min
Dromophobic_o.o (Jun 12, 2007)
drawn in 53 min
JK-Arts (Jun 12, 2007)
looking good so far
davincipoppalag (Jun 12, 2007)
Good start..looks like the ref
Dromophobic_o.o (Jun 12, 2007)
Thanks :]]
hideyourface (Jun 12, 2007)
more scene kids
Dromophobic_o.o (edited Jun 12, 2007)
drawn in 28 min
i'm scene? hmm wasn't aware..

the mouth ]: <

Sevi (Jun 12, 2007)
Looks pretty good so far. Can't wait to see it finished
I like the mouth it looks neat
diver2026 (Jun 13, 2007)
lol wouldn't worry worry if you standards of non conformity don't conform to others

so far it looks just like you, can't wait to see the rest.
Dromophobic_o.o (Jun 13, 2007)
drawn in 17 min
broken-lock14 (Jun 14, 2007)
What makes a scene kid anyway? I never got that.

Zanyway, you're super cute. 8D <333 && the skin tone is really pretty so far
MelissaMissy (Jun 14, 2007)
You must be pretty. Very realistic and beautiful picture. If you really look like that you really must look good. Excellent colouring!
Dromophobic_o.o (Jun 18, 2007)
You guys are so nice D;
Thank you both <3333
lol guupi. :]
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