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drawn in 37 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
clover_pocky (May 26, 2007)
Unreferenced drawing of the character Door, from Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, but when she's older, I guess. Sorry if this doesn't fit here, I'm very new. ^_^ Hello to everyone.
clover_pocky (May 26, 2007)
drawn in 37 min
beth92093 (May 26, 2007)
well welcome and for bein new to here this is seriously really really hella good!!!its better than most stuff i've seen but this is really expecialy the shading and curves and stuff it doesnt look flat at all!!
davincipoppalag (May 26, 2007)
good looking pencil sketchin!
nekodesu (May 26, 2007)
Ooh very nice! The crosshatching looks great.
And welcome to 2draw! I hope to see more pictures from you. :D
fleeting_memory (May 28, 2007)
you can't fool me-that's not a door O_o lol sorry. This is nicely done-welcome.
Sweetcell (May 28, 2007)
Nice first draw, great way to start off here on 2draw. With all the spamming we get it's a treat when talent comes along to make up for it. Only thing, her ear is a little too far from her face but it's a niggle.

Welcome aboard Clover.
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