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drawn in 1 hour 44 min with Lascaux Sketch
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Zack (May 5, 2007) — edit
ref'd some DVD box art.
Zack (May 5, 2007)
drawn in 29 min
DoOp (May 5, 2007)
They look angry! :D Looks good so far ^_^
Zack (May 5, 2007)
drawn in 21 min
lori (May 5, 2007)
really great lookin' so far
davincipoppalag (May 5, 2007)
They sorta look like Pierce Brosnan and that blonde guy who always plays Nazi SS officers...This is good stuff Zack
Zack (May 5, 2007)
drawn in 31 min
PS (May 5, 2007)
I like it so far.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (May 5, 2007)
Between this posting and the last one (I know you weren't using a ref on the previous one, and with this one you are, but it's still remarkable) you have observed and corrected a minor mistake you say you commonly make in the features. The bone structure of the faces here is much better... the proportions correct. That's difficult to do, you know, search for faulty tendencies you have and work to correct them. It's a definite sign of a determined, talented artist, and the results will eventually be near perfection in your work.

I personally think it's helpful when working on portraits or human anatomy to alternate using a reference for a couple, and then do a couple without to see how much you picked up on.
Zack (May 6, 2007)
Thanks for the encouragement. :)

I can only hope that with enough practice and/or references I can manage a high-quality human character concept art this week; it's important for my job. I'd like to be at the level of Justin Sweet or Vance Kovacs eventually, but it still seems a really long ways off.

Yeah, alternating between referenced and unreferenced seems like a good idea. I sketched about a dozen pictures out of a Burne Hogarth anatomy book last week but I'm worried it might have been in one eye and out the other.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (May 6, 2007)
No problem, I should say "thanks for the inspiration"... it's nice to have you doing something here again... one of the things I really love about this place is browsing the wonderful art when I don't have time to paint myself, and there has been very little worth browsing through lately. (I'm not saying there hasn't been some stupendous art done here, as always, there's just less of it lately)

I don't care much for Justin's style... it's a little too "watercolory", uncontrolled and choppy for me, but I do like Kovac's style, and yours already emulates his somewhat, I can tell his work has influenced your technique. (you're not that far away from where you want to be)
Zack (May 6, 2007)
Aw, thanks. Yeah, the more good stuff we make here the more we'll inspire each other, for sure. I find that browsing through the CGSociety award galleries doesn't hurt either. ;)

Justin has some really loose works, but I prefer his tighter stuff, like this one and this one. The ideal for a concept artist is to get enough detail across for someone to make a good 3D model or get the "feeling" of a scene or character without needing all the work of a really clean finished piece (since stuff might get changed a lot or thrown out altogether), but sometimes Justin's work borders on being complicated mush.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (May 6, 2007)
HOT GUYS WITH WEAPONS!!! :) No, seriously, I see what you mean... I didn't delve far enough into his galleries to see those. I like them, as well.

Yes, I find it hard to put forth the effort to excel, or even to learn here, when the "players" outnumber the serious artists, and most of the art is silly, mindless doodling. Not that there's anything wrong with playing... you know what I mean. In a little bitty nutshell... I'm just glad you dropped in and painted something. :D
Zack (Dec 22, 2007)
drawn in 22 min
enjoydotcom (Dec 22, 2007)
This scares me, even with, or maybe because of, the cartoon eyes :D.
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