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drawn in 53 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Silvair (Apr 9, 2007)
Probably should have thought this out before I started, so it wouldn't turn into panicky chaos.
Silvair (Apr 9, 2007)
drawn in 4 min
Silvair (Apr 9, 2007)
drawn in 28 min
camadeon (Apr 9, 2007)
Very nice! I like her jaket...and you style.
natsuki (Apr 9, 2007)
This is so pretty~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >w<
LadyBlader (Apr 9, 2007)
Wow! Your colouring and effects are just gorgeous! *g* Her hair is my favorite part, I think~
It doesn't look like 'panicky chaos,' just more... busy! ;) And motion. XD

...Well, very nice!
psychofox0 (Apr 9, 2007)
hmm, I like it.
Sweetcell (Apr 9, 2007)
What a soft looking picture. I like the effect you got on the left. This looks like that girl you did on another picture, riding a motorcycle.
Silvair (edited Apr 9, 2007)
drawn in 21 min
eh.. so much for speed paint.

Thanks for the comments everyone :D.
Sweetcell: Yep, it's the same girl, I haven't drawn her in so long, can't believe you can recogninze her!
Sweetcell (Apr 9, 2007)
I think it was the jacket. And now it looks even better with the detail you put into it. You may have lost some details in the face though by making it brighter.
davincipoppalag (Apr 9, 2007)
Beautifully done... verypretty
Sketcher_V (Jun 19, 2007)
wow, huuhhh, maybe no one has the eye for art anymore, but the effect you did on that is pretty amazing, i really think your way talented and good
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