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concannon (edited Aug 25, 2003)
Watch me the first on to post on this board.

Please check out meh Elfwood gallery; I live off the comments there. Seriously.

And if any of you complain or mention that I should get a Deviantart gallery, I'll...thwap you with a sock. Because I despise that place. They haven't absolutely horrible navigation/organization. Done whining now. [edit]: Fixed, thanks Zappo. Malo linko? Wonderful Spanish skills there.
Zappo (Aug 25, 2003)
"The resource you requested:
cannot be found"
MAlo linko.... Maybe its me but i got a 404....
alwaysLearning (Mar 9, 2004)
Ah, another Elfwood artist! :) You can see my gallery, here, if you like. It's waiting for the latest update to go through, so it's very out of date, but I welcome comments and constructive critique, if anyone has practical suggestions to offer with regard to how I can improve my work. <smile>
bumpinthenight (May 26, 2004)
Awesome!!! This is great!!!! Man, your stuff roxorz!
davincipoppalag (May 26, 2004)
You have alot of nicely drawn stuff there VV...
concannon (May 26, 2004)
Most of it is so horribly old, though. .__x I need to update it, really.
TheCrimsonKing (May 26, 2004)
Oh me too here is my gallery, and a photo of me.
emmamommalag (May 26, 2004)
Enjoyed looking at your drawings there, Vis. Couldn't look at yours though, Crimson... your link is to a page that requires registration in order to be seen.
davincipoppalag (May 27, 2004)
Same here.. couldnt get into yours CK..
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