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drawn in 14 hours with Oekaki Shi-Painter
elly (Mar 23, 2007)
gotta call this one finished. No ink left and I need to clear some space in the 'ole studio!
elly (Mar 23, 2007)
drawn in 2 hours 13 min
elly (Mar 23, 2007)
drawn in 6 hours 40 min
elly (Mar 24, 2007)
drawn in 5 hours 10 min
This is a Chrysina Argenteolalive, otherwise known as a Jeweled Scarab or June Beetle. I am just facinated by the sheen these bugs have and all the different colors they come in! They're irresistible to capture in a drawing!
oikitsumaru (Mar 24, 2007)
Cameo (Mar 24, 2007)
I used to love tying a string on one of their legs and watch them fly around! Course I was just a kid then. (when you're an only child you got to do something to entertain yourself) Beautiful rendition elly. You captured the sheen very well.
friend (Mar 24, 2007)
Amazing! Nice shades of green!
Pakka (Mar 24, 2007)
This is awesome! The shading looks amazing!
davincipoppalag (Mar 24, 2007)
Beautiful elly! This is even nicer than the one you did a long time back...gorgeous
elly (Mar 24, 2007)
Cameo, I used to do that with house flies! Talk about a challenge! We should have used beetles, sounds a little easier! PS>I don't think we had beetles like this where I come from though!

Thank you oikitsumaru, friend, and Pakka.

dave, I think I liked the bkgd on the first one I did but I like these colors better =) Thanks *hug*
davincipoppalag (Mar 24, 2007)
I dunno..I just looked and I like this one better...
enjoydotcom (Mar 24, 2007)
Ow Elly, a metallic bug!!! I love it!
Miss_DJ (edited Jul 25, 2007)
nicest lookin bug I've ever seen. (This guy looks like he'd make a definite 'crunch' sound under my what a bootiful bug! super draw Elly!
elly (Mar 24, 2007)
cmb (Mar 24, 2007)
Insects and bugs are fascinating, there are millions of varieties... awesome draw
Sweetcell (Mar 24, 2007)
Putting bees in jars and shaking it to make them angry then letting them go and running like hell. Anyone else do this? Anyone?

It's so shiney, I like the shiney.
elly (Mar 24, 2007)
Sweet, YOU'RE CRAZY!!!!! (how'd you get them in a jar in the first place? You had to catch 'em somehow!!)
DrawingDork (Mar 24, 2007)
Whoah!!! this is amazing, It should be in the advanced section!!!!! The shininess rocks!!
Renuar (Mar 25, 2007)
YoureToast (Mar 31, 2007)
Cool beatle.
Kanuto (Jul 25, 2007)
looks pretty
_INGRID_ (Jul 25, 2007)
wow, this is so beautiful i really like the colors ;)
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