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marcello (Feb 2, 2007) — edit
some more serious server problems than I thought.
marcello (Feb 2, 2007)
drawn in 19 sec
Visual-Kei (Feb 2, 2007)
xiau (Feb 2, 2007)
Should I ready the lifeboats? D:
marcello (Feb 2, 2007)
I'm already in the process of testing a new server
Sweetcell (Feb 2, 2007)
Worrisome enough that we should make screen shots of our pieces, just in case?
davincipoppalag (Feb 2, 2007)
Now would be a good time for eople to send money.
SanzoGirl (Feb 2, 2007)
pancakes_rock (Feb 2, 2007)
Hagaren (Feb 2, 2007)
marcello (Feb 2, 2007)
sweetcell: generally never a bad idea. usually lascaux is good enough to inform one if there is a server error and will let you take a screenshot after it gives you an error message.
Sweetcell (Feb 2, 2007)
Good to know Marcello, but I was talking worse case scenario if the site should (God forbid) crash.
marcello (Feb 2, 2007)
if the server crashed, same thing applies. lascaux runs on your computer, independent of the server. it's only when it submits that it contacts the server. and if the server crashes, it'll just tell you.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Feb 2, 2007)
yeah, and if it crashes in the middle of submission, sometimes the image gets corrupted and ADIOS IMAGOS, or whatever. :)

So hurry up and fix it, would you? I don't have time for this. ;)
Sweetcell (Feb 2, 2007)
Ok, I've been to some art sites where they crashed and everyones stuff went bye bye, good to know, thank you.
marcello (Feb 2, 2007)
yea, that's also a possibility, 2draw currently doesn't have any good backups. that's what I'm attempting to do now
Sweetcell (Feb 2, 2007)
We must put up the alter to The Marcello. Hmmm, getting a thought here.
davincipoppalag (Feb 3, 2007)
Would a human sacrifice work? We have lots of young virgins here....well at least a couple
Fiesta (edited Feb 3, 2007)
I guess the best thing we can do is save are work onto are computer.
But I hope, that this site doesn't crash. ):
Deformed (Feb 3, 2007)
Oh no! We our all gonna die!
lori (edited Feb 3, 2007)
it's really too bad so sad, but it's ok, 'cause I'm going away! so I can't use the site anyway :P
marcello (Feb 3, 2007)
so I'm up to about image 48000 in the backup process. it's very slow, but it should be done by tonight (although images posted since yesterday are not included, I will get them later).
from there I will start testing the new server. If all goes well, I will shut down this site (make it read-only), transfer anything changed since yesterday, then we can migrate to the new server.
SanzoGirl (Feb 3, 2007)
Axil62 (Feb 8, 2007)
I'm askeerdy.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Feb 8, 2007)
Oh no.... does this mean my big pink eraser won't work anymore?
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