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drawn in 2 hours 28 min with Lascaux Sketch
Kamll (Jan 6, 2007)
Everyone has one. You have one too. The little voice in your head that criticizes every brush stroke you make unless it's absolutely perfect by insane standards. Then afterwards, the voice that finds every single
flaw and irregularity in your completed work, and throws it in your face. A lot of this guy's dialogue is actually stuff that my inner art critic said to me while i was drawing this...

Yeah..I'm not really comfortable with posting my cartoon characters here, since they're pretty simple in design, and everything on this site is so impressive in compare. But after some urging (and I'm sure they regret it now), I figured why the hell not. I wanted to do this for a while, anyway. This guy's Botj. He's a two foot tall nut demon. Despite the text, I really do like this entry. I just hope it doesnt get deleted off of intermediate for being too simple. I hope there's not a rule against profuse text.
Kamll (Jan 6, 2007)
drawn in 1 hour 58 min
Gonna re-do the text.
Kamll (Jan 6, 2007)
drawn in 29 min
Noremac (Jan 6, 2007)
mines just nags me about boobs
Kairily (Jan 6, 2007)
Cute. It's true, though. Mine tells me to give up and erase the whole thing before I am finished. If I don't, It makes me comment negatively on pictures that really suck. Yours doesn't. Good Job.
jaded_angel (Jan 6, 2007)
lol at least your ranting made me laugh and its true I critisize my stuff too....i draw somthing then i sleep the next day I am like 'what were you thinking' ....then i try to fix it....i have a lot of revised im finished ranting :)
Skai (Jan 6, 2007)
I'm usually so critical of myself that I scrap everything halfway through. > 3< Everything that I actually like somewhat just sits in my studio until I get sick of looking at it and either post it as is or dump it with the rest of my junk.
psychofox0 (Jan 6, 2007)
mine tells me to burn things....... X3
cmb (Jan 6, 2007)
My inner critic ALWAYS tells me I can do better, but thats good I reckon, because if it didn't I ( and other artists too) wouldn't get better. Basically you know that it's there inside you- it's just how to get it to come out. And one day something incredible happens and you are happy with what you have done, but not always. I love this because it's so true- it is what people feel. I salute you!
davincipoppalag (Jan 6, 2007)
My inner critic knows nothing about art either so I don't listen. I just draw and post. You should too
Kayos (Jan 10, 2007)
my wierd though on your inner art critic, is that when you fail to see whats wrong with your own art, is when you have stopped improving. I go through all sorts of random psycotic thoughts when i draw. This pick made me thing, and i luaghed when i read this becuse its so true to me as well. and dont be afraid and overwelmed by other peoples suff on here. there are some incredible artist on here, and its intimitating. Just post and have fun! :)
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