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drawn in 47 min with Lascaux Sketch
Common Tater
davincipoppalag (Jan 1, 2007)
No ref (obviously)..just trying freaking faces again.. blah
davincipoppalag (Jan 1, 2007)
drawn in 25 min
davincipoppalag (Jan 1, 2007)
drawn in 21 min
psychofox0 (Jan 1, 2007)
that's good though... and I never
draw with a reference obviously....
you did well... so when are you gonna
give me tips on how 2 draw... >.<....
nekodesu (Jan 1, 2007)
Now that's one awesome beanie. hehe
davincipoppalag (Jan 1, 2007) can have the beanie neko! lol...psycho.I can't give tips on drawing... I just wing it.. I don't know much about it..(obviously from this mess)
Sweetcell (Jan 1, 2007)
Oh, it's you, no it's not you, could be you, a clean shaven you. ;D Hiya Dave, good New Year?
emmamommalag (Jan 1, 2007)
Hahaha A beanie baby. I don't think he looks anything like you but he does look like somebody. I liked him better without the beanie. lol
davincipoppalag (Jan 1, 2007)
No..not me Barb..he had to put the beanie on cuz he was cold
lori (Jan 1, 2007)
Cameo (Jan 1, 2007)
LOL! That's cute, Dave! Are you gonna sell beanies to those of us that want one just like it? I want one too!
davincipoppalag (Jan 1, 2007)
OOps ..too late cameo..I gave that one to neko.;
Cameo (Jan 1, 2007)
Well....I suggest you paint another one! lol
Miss_DJ (Jan 1, 2007)
you keep tryin're just gonna get better and better and better! you inspire me to keep tryin too! love, Donnalag
nobody (Jan 1, 2007)
might i suggest trying to use a reference? it really helps when it comes to learning about the details of a face which will in turn help you do it referenceless better in the future.

lol, he looks like he just caught sight of something in the distance.
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