watch animation - 100% - zoom in - zoom out
drawn in 2 hours 51 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Dr.Snoopy (Dec 15, 2006)
lets see
...something old
Dr.Snoopy (Dec 15, 2006)
drawn in 55 min
nekopon (Dec 15, 2006)
you make the coolest pictures :3
i really like your lineart ^-^
HunterKiller_ (Dec 15, 2006)
Interesting painting here... That hole looks like an eye, and a mouth.
jooniper (Dec 15, 2006)
ooh, I'm very excited to see what comes of this!
darthfurby (Dec 15, 2006)
Flesh drapery may not be a popular choice at retail(unless it's on sale at Macy's), but I like how the lighting makes that centerpiece with the eyesocket pop out from the background.
Dr.Snoopy (Mar 8, 2007)
drawn in 1 hour 56 min
davincipoppalag (Mar 8, 2007)
I can relate.. I wish we had a faves folder here.. this would be in it
Kloxboy (Mar 8, 2007)
That's pretty sweet. I like the depth in this one. The forms have an organic quality to them, like they're alive. oO
Altard (Mar 8, 2007)
That's awesome. I love how smooth it is, it looks like something someone would make on Photoshop. I love abstract works.
lori (Mar 8, 2007)
like an old tree with so much personality, this is great
Mocha_Bean (Mar 8, 2007)
I like how it looks like wires twisted together...and it also looks like a wild party with college kids rampant..and Darthfurby called an eyesocket, I say its a mouth and he's screaming "WOOO!! PARTY!!"...or "WOO!! some drapes have caught my mouth in a stronghold!"...

but that just me.. :)
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