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drawn in 5 hours 25 min with PaintBBS
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jackie_yatsura (Dec 4, 2006)
yes this is a collaboration..:3 post if you wanna join
jackie_yatsura (Dec 4, 2006)
drawn in 14 min
senshi (Dec 4, 2006)
I wanna join
jackie_yatsura (Dec 4, 2006)
okay i added you :3 do your best
senshi (Dec 4, 2006)
Okay. Uh...who to draw...I just gotta choose one.
pancakes_rock (Dec 4, 2006)
me me me please!
MidniteSnow (Dec 4, 2006)
Can I try? ><
fleeting_memory (Dec 4, 2006)
ooooooooo may I join?
jackie_yatsura (Dec 4, 2006)
okay eveyone added :3
camadeon (Dec 5, 2006)
can I join?
jackie_yatsura (Dec 5, 2006)
i added you
Pieperson (Dec 5, 2006)
I"ll join <(^_^)> I'll do Gaara if picked
jackie_yatsura (Dec 5, 2006)
everyone added so far XD so please actually do something
senshi (Dec 5, 2006)
You'll do Gaara? okay, that pretty much cuts my choices to one. but it's only 6:30am. I gots skool. I'l do it later.
Pieperson (Dec 6, 2006)
To jackie_yatsura-It's locked >_< I can't do my part
To senshi- me <3 Gaara ^_______^
pancakes_rock (Dec 6, 2006)
its locked D:
MidniteSnow (Dec 6, 2006)
its been locked for the whole of yesterday already.. i can't draw anything even if you want me to.. i want to too..but i can't..
jackie_yatsura (Dec 6, 2006)
okay fixed
jackie_yatsura (Dec 6, 2006)
drawn in 25 sec
pancakes_rock (Dec 7, 2006)
drawn in 12 min
am not gonna color mines in fell free to color it in anyone?
Pieperson (edited Dec 7, 2006)
drawn in 12 min
Ah sorry if it sucks, I'm bad at this applet.
MidniteSnow (edited Dec 7, 2006)
drawn in 43 min
Its Mitsuki from Full Moon Wo Sagashite~ Refrence used was my Full Moon Manga Volume 4
Erm.. I'll colour it, Pancakes. If you'll let me that is..
MidniteSnow (Dec 7, 2006)
drawn in 25 min
Erm.. i wanted to colour something so i coloured your picture, Pancakes.. I hope you don't mind.. ><
pancakes_rock (Dec 7, 2006)
thanks for coloring it in smxie! 83
fleeting_memory (Dec 7, 2006)
drawn in 1 hour 29 min
Im so sleepy. DARN YOU BBS! Next time I'm checking which applet is being used lol.
MidniteSnow (Dec 7, 2006)
Its KYO~~ Is he like blushing? o.o the shading is nice ^^
camadeon (Dec 7, 2006)
drawn in 31 min
ah, forgot....
camadeon (Dec 7, 2006)
drawn in 4 min
senshi (Dec 7, 2006) room...
Pieperson can I move yer pic up a little?
Pieperson (edited Dec 8, 2006)
I would but it says it locked again or I just have horrible luck >_<
pancakes_rock (Dec 8, 2006)
dont draw its gonna mess the picture up!!!!!!!!!
and then were gonna have to start all over again D:
MidniteSnow (Dec 8, 2006)
hmm.. i was afraid of this.. >< thats why i drew at the corner and her hair got cut off..
i don't care if we have to draw again.. it'll be fun =3
She has the right to draw on the picture..
We should have taken up less space.. =S
Sorry senshi~ ><
Maybe i can sqeeze Mitsuki above gaara or something..
then you can have the corner..
camadeon (Dec 8, 2006)
Or I can erase mine and do it smaller. ^^
pancakes_rock (Dec 9, 2006)
no leave it its cute senshi just wont draw o_o
senshi (Dec 9, 2006)
There's enough room if I could move Piepersons up.
I'm not planning on drawing that much...
MidniteSnow (Dec 10, 2006)
drawn in 5 min
Tadar~! Senshi can do tha corner now~! ^^
senshi (Dec 14, 2006)
You cannot revise this entry because MidniteSnow has locked it (and should currently be revising it). If you feel this is a mistake, contact the owner of this image or a moderator.
Pieperson (Dec 21, 2006)
senshi (Jan 23, 2007)
Hey. Can jackie or a mod unlock this?
I'm pretty sure midnite's not currently revising it.
senshi (Jan 26, 2007)
drawn in 1 hour 25 min
Kid Buu - Chibi Buu, Majin Buu(Genuine)
Buu ish teh awesome
camadeon (Jan 27, 2007)
Niice XD
Pieperson (Feb 3, 2007)
Buu is the coolest character on here. He owns all.. exept Mr.T, who is the coolest person to ever live XD
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