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drawn in 2 hours 9 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Miss_DJ (Oct 13, 2006)
Miss_DJ (Oct 13, 2006)
drawn in 53 min
davincipoppalag (Oct 13, 2006)
She's pregnant with an egg!!
pandabarrie (Oct 14, 2006)
most people are pregnant with eggs....

i like the blue!
the picture is a little bit confusing but i guess thats what makes it interesting.
Miss_DJ (Oct 14, 2006)
I'm very confused poppa..the 'egg' you see is the side of her do see her from the side, no? Maybe I didn't draw it clear enough. I'm gonna refine it a bit to see if that helps.
Miss_DJ (Oct 14, 2006)
drawn in 15 min
Sweetcell (Oct 14, 2006)
I like it how it is. Really it's like a sci-fi wizard of the future or something. I hope you don't do much more to this.
davincipoppalag (Oct 14, 2006)
My eyes were tired and when I looked at this the first time that area was white and looked like an inside view of a woman standing sideways...and I saw an egg. You'll be old one day, too....
Miss_DJ (edited Oct 14, 2006)
thanks! I like sci-fi. no prob, poppa. you're never too old to have uterus on the brain...lololol ....or eggs, for that matter!
Miss_DJ (Oct 14, 2006)
drawn in 1 hour
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