boardsintermediateHow many faces do U C?
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drawn in 1 hour 57 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
elly (Sep 30, 2006)
There are a certain number of individual distinctive faces here. How many can you find? I'll give the answer some time soon......good luck!
elly (Sep 30, 2006)
drawn in 1 hour 57 min
pandabarrie (edited Sep 30, 2006)
no, 12!
very creative, it reminds me of water...
JK-Arts (Sep 30, 2006)
Holy shit man i thought i just saw Tony Danza!
Kloxboy (Sep 30, 2006)
Hmm, I see a little over 30 faces and I imagine I could see even more if I was a little more sleep deprived. Even more, if I was on LSD I could probably see 100's of faces and break through the collective consciousness and discover the real collective that is God residing in all of us.
JK-Arts (Sep 30, 2006)
What if your sleepy on lsd if that doesn't defeat the purpose and a bit crossed eye and dizzy becuase of the God that resided the wall that your head bumped into while you where on lsd and to tired to avoid?
Kloxboy (edited Sep 30, 2006)
JK-Arts, you probably have to experience that scenario firsthand to answer your question.
davincipoppalag (Sep 30, 2006)
I keep losing count.. ...what was I talking about?....This is really fun to look at.. it does look like water.. a kind of Sea of Souls..
Cimry (Sep 30, 2006)
I lost count too. Kind of haunting...
elly (Oct 1, 2006)
I only see one guess here.....hummmmm, keep looking and look hard! =) hee hee
Dr.Snoopy (Oct 1, 2006)
13+ heads
SanzoGirl (Oct 1, 2006)
I see 12
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