boardscollaborationsPokemon Luvas: Collab with KuronekoM1
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drawn in 1 hour 3 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
2 versions
18 min
5 versions
45 min
choc_gum_dropz (Sep 21, 2006)
eeeh...I dunno .... <3
choc_gum_dropz (Sep 21, 2006)
drawn in 10 min
senshi (Sep 21, 2006)
A..nabinogaa... wait, justa second.
I wonder what it'll look like when it's done.
KuronekoM1 (Sep 23, 2006)
drawn in 25 min
KuronekoM1 (Sep 24, 2006)
drawn in 6 min
KuronekoM1 (Sep 24, 2006)
drawn in 3 min
choc_gum_dropz (Sep 24, 2006)
drawn in 7 min
eh........Yuh..Coloured Squritlle
senshi (Sep 24, 2006)
so, you're coloring eachothers? cool. Squer- uh, however you spell the turtles name, and Azurill!
elly (Sep 25, 2006)
Yeah Azurill....who evolves into Marill....who evolves into Azumarill. Great job! And I love Squirtle!! Whatta cutiepie!!!
KuronekoM1 (Sep 29, 2006)
drawn in 7 min
I figured I'd make a background...hope you like it...
KuronekoM1 (edited Sep 29, 2006)
drawn in 2 min
...grass looked a slight bit odd... tried to fix it...didnt work...
choc_gum_dropz (Sep 29, 2006)
You did a great job on the background. I declare it finished.
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