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drawn in 3 hours 24 min with Lascaux Sketch
shining_star_sam (Jul 26, 2006)
Might make a few changes but I'm done for now :P *tired* >< I think I have a flower obsession now XD
shining_star_sam (Jul 26, 2006)
drawn in 2 hours 54 min
Harry_Kewell (Jul 26, 2006)
Great Pic Sam. I Really like the Orange complexity of the petals.
Sweetcell (Jul 26, 2006)
The garden queen. Lovely lily, assuming it's a lily. The small multicolored circles underneath look like the clear crytals you get for tanks. Love it.
shining_star_sam (Jul 26, 2006)
roffles @ garden queen. I don't know what it is... i made it up lol. thanks guys x
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Jul 26, 2006)
This is beautiful, I love the brightness of it. I was walking along the lake the other day and took a photo of one lonely sunflower growing in the middle of the rocks... wasn't even one weed nearby. Flowers on the rocks are pretty.
xwindflyer (Jul 26, 2006)
Very nice indeed.
shining_star_sam (Jul 26, 2006)
drawn in 29 min
Just made a few subtle changes. I think she's done ><
Sweetcell (Jul 26, 2006)
Well if it's a new breed it should be named after the creator. The Shining Star Sam Lily. Really get people talking with a unique name like that. :) Stamens came out nicely.
shining_star_sam (Jul 26, 2006)
lol XD ty
davincipoppalag (Jul 26, 2006)
I think you're on to something here Sam..this is pretty, too
bad_choices1569 (Aug 13, 2006)
I really love this, it's so realistic and so effin asowme!
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