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drawn in 57 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
natsuki (Jul 9, 2006)
ah! I haven't oekakied since forever!! anyways, I just wanted to draw something, but i didn't get to finish... I shall finish this later~!
natsuki (Jul 9, 2006)
drawn in 57 min
Northern_shadow (Jul 9, 2006)
im liking this one already, such a cheerful face :D
and i love how you have done the hair
stasiuk (Jul 9, 2006)
This is so soft and.... flow-y. i like it. =3
demon666child (Jul 9, 2006)
wah so awesome!!!! *flails* i love yer coloring <33333 *glomps* XD shoooo kewl ^__^
fleeting_memory (Jul 9, 2006)
I love how you have the hair-wish mine did that lol
SYTHE (Jul 9, 2006)
I love it already!!!! This is awsome, I love the expression, style and your choice of colors.
mikhail (Jul 10, 2006)
yeeeah i like hitting it from the back just like that... :)...
natsuki (Jul 10, 2006)
Thank you~!
Noremac (Jul 11, 2006)
dude, more boobs, less clothes D:
kiketsu (Aug 3, 2006)
awesome. your style is really cute
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