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drawn in 3 hours 58 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
1 hour 7 min
2 versions
2 hours 50 min
xiau (Jun 18, 2006)
Collab lineart requested by RebekahChan :D

I'm sorry if it looks like her hand's being engulfed by the fuzzy middle part of the flower >__>; I couldn't get the hand to look right so I did that T__T;

Anyways, I hope you have fun coloring!

EDIT:: It doesn't seem like this is getting finished, sooo... :O
xiau (Jun 18, 2006)
drawn in 1 hour 7 min
whitebunny1063 (Jun 18, 2006)
I like the lineart,cause it's so smooth.:D
RebekahChan (edited Jun 18, 2006)
drawn in 1 hour 32 min head hurts @ @.....i had to go over some parts b/c my comp merged the layers ...i hope i didnt mess anything up ^ ^;; well, finish later~

is it just me or does it look fuzzy? O.o i hope its just me > <
xiau (Jun 18, 2006)
Wooah, it's so pretty! I love the way you made her face cuter than I had it and made the hair shiney P:
And I like the colors so far too :D
RebekahChan (Jun 19, 2006)
Your face was totally cuter ;O; and thanks....i was trying out a new style at hair coloring i just hope my comp dosent act up when i go to finish it up ^ ^;;;....btw, your line art is soooo smooth *cant get my lines to turn out like that ;_;*
RebekahChan (Jun 20, 2006)
drawn in 1 hour 18 min
Zeal (Jun 20, 2006)
Woahs..Looking good sofar : d
xiau (Jun 20, 2006)
Holy woah, you're doing a fantastic job! I like how you used the dodge tool for the spots, and the flower is lovely
kiketsu (Jul 31, 2006)
this is looking awesome! so cute. and the coloring is really good
xxbutterflyxx (Jul 4, 2007)
i really luv this style of drawing/coloring! i'd definitely luv 2 try the style but unfurtunately, i've had miserable past attempts... so good job! and xiau, could we do a collab? i'd luv 2 color one of urs... i'm really new here so i only have 2 pics up and da first sux but i promise i'm better XD
Sweetcell (Jul 4, 2007)
Wow, I remember this. It's too bad it was never finished. Maybe one day.
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