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drawn in 5 hours 55 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
1 hour 11 min
2 versions
4 hours 44 min
xiau (Jun 15, 2006)
Collab with broken-lock14 :D

I'm sorry for the lame title and repulsive lineart <:I I tried my best ;o;

EDIT: Oh, and I had no gender in mind while drawing this, so it can be whatever you want it to be XD;
xiau (Jun 15, 2006)
drawn in 1 hour 11 min
whitebunny1063 (Jun 15, 2006)
that's good.
stasiuk (Jun 15, 2006)
freakin cutest fox..
broken-lock14 (Jun 15, 2006)
drawn in 53 min
???????????????????Hee hee. It's a safety save. Homggg this is so fun to color. <3 Time's off, I had to hunt down Puppet Show [it increases my drawing ability, somehow. :X ] There's still some color bleeding but my uncle needs to check his email or something. =^*D*^=
xiau (Jun 15, 2006)
Hoooly crap. it looks fantastic so far! I love how you mix in yellow with the red skin tones <3
I can't wait to see what the rest looks like :D
IppikiOokami (Jun 15, 2006)
Holy Gackt :o

I love that coloring :0
You two are gods :o
Can I worship youuuu?
Natsuna (Jun 15, 2006)
Aww the fox :]
It's cutee Line-art is lovellyy *__*
broken-lock14 (Jun 16, 2006)
Oh pewp. I shall be gone for a while, so I won't be able to do more work on this or so. :X Sorry that you have to stare at the crap coloring for so long. XD;;
broken-lock14 (Jun 17, 2006)
drawn in 3 hours 50 min
I returned sooner than I thought I would. XD;

So sorry, I mutilated the lineart. =^>D<^= *shot repeatedly* Timer's extremely off. I went to make tea. Which led to doing the dishes and laundry and collapsing due to illness. =^*x*^=
xiau (Jun 17, 2006)
Whooah, guupi you did an amazing job! The colors are so pretty, and, again, the textures are amazing! So much love for the background T_T
Pakasutemanshikuka (Jun 17, 2006)
Such great colors o_____o and Rina-chan, the line-art!<3~~

You both are awesome I cryy =(*3*)=~~
Gosh it's late o____o;
Sasuke-fan-Sapphire (Jun 17, 2006)
wow this is awesome! and I love the colors
broken-lock14 (Jun 17, 2006)
You guys are so niceeee~ =^*D*^= [oh em gee, LIARS. XD;; ]

Coloring are fun. 8D I think the lineart is what saved this from being complete crap. =^.____.^=
solve (Jun 17, 2006)
You two did a wonderful job, I hope this gets archived.
kuramaandhiei (Jun 19, 2006)
Wonderful?.....This is absolutely eligant!
Zeal (Jun 19, 2006)
Woahs : D
This ended up..Stunning : d I luffers iiit D:
kiketsu (Jul 31, 2006)
THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!! i luuuuurve it! <3 :DDD
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