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marcello (Jun 2, 2006) — edit
for the silence!
marcello (Jun 2, 2006)
drawn in 45 min
Miss_DJ (Jun 2, 2006)
one of my favorite sounds
Zack (Jun 3, 2006)
oh, she's got those noise canceling headphones eh?
Wild_Mustang_Girl312 (Jun 3, 2006)
Hehehe... I have noise cancellation headphones too.. they rock... especially when listening to loud electric gutairs and screaming ^_^
marcello (Jun 3, 2006)
no,no, you see, hair is made out of protein. so it's like she has slabs of meat between her ears and her headphones.
Wild_Mustang_Girl312 (edited Jun 3, 2006)
That's weird... I don't get it... I always push my hair out of the way so I can have more noise.... Like now!!! Listening to Effiel 65's Blue.... such a weird 70's or something song that my friend put on this weird cd.... noise cancellation headphones rocK!!!!
She looks tired....
Sweetcell (Jun 6, 2006)
Only protein? Sure she'll lose weight but will have trouble if she doesn't get some carbs in her.

Unless she has some in her ear wax?
Wild_Mustang_Girl312 (Jun 8, 2006)
Yeah... More intellegent people have more copper in their hair than other, normal people. Wow!! I have more copper in my hair!!
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