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drawn in 3 hours 47 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Roytje (May 4, 2006)
I'm going to put a lot of time in this one :)
Roytje (May 4, 2006)
drawn in 12 min
Roytje (May 4, 2006)
drawn in 20 min
davincipoppalag (May 4, 2006)
I like where it looks like you are going with this one...can't wait
mikron (May 4, 2006)
It looks good and about finished on 25% =)
emmamommalag (May 4, 2006)
It looks like a tornado's coming.
frootcake (May 5, 2006)
i think this is gonna be good, i can almost see a evil face in the clouds, like that of the rain man
Roytje (edited May 5, 2006)
drawn in 20 min
Thanks for the comments already :)
Deino (May 6, 2006)
This is looking very nice, keep on the good work!
Roytje (Jun 30, 2006)
drawn in 1 hour 13 min
Roytje (Jul 2, 2006)
drawn in 30 min
I´m going yo Spain for 2 weeks, ciao!
Roytje (Mar 1, 2007)
drawn in 25 min
It's landscape time! :)
Roytje (Mar 1, 2007)
drawn in 45 min
I don't know if this is advanced, but I had to finish it.
davincipoppalag (Mar 1, 2007)
I like what you did with the colors!
Pantera (Mar 1, 2007)
Looks very good, I love the colours you used here :)
PS (Mar 1, 2007)
This is really good, nice water sparkle.
Miss_DJ (Mar 1, 2007)
adore the painted look to this and the light reflection and colors are awesome!
brenndurdrykkur (Mar 1, 2007)
i like the shimmer on the water lots, nice effect!
Sweetcell (Mar 1, 2007)
I like this so much better. Damn, it looks like you used a pallette knife on this. I need this on my wall.
Silvair (Mar 1, 2007)
Omigoodness this is like totally breathtaking. The sky is so .. rich and has such a natural gradient (like it doesn't look digital at all).
Roytje (Mar 2, 2007)
Thanks for the comments! :D
Kloxboy (Mar 2, 2007)
That's pretty, those colors are lush. Your paint strokes/technique really bring this to the next level.
kissimmeegurl (Mar 2, 2007)
WOW i luv da reflection of the sun on the water!! <3
solve (Mar 2, 2007)
Holy shit. The look/texture is damn near perfect with that of an oil painting. So good!
friend (edited Mar 2, 2007)
I love how the sun looks so bright!
Roytje (Mar 2, 2007)
Thanks again for the nice comments! I wasn't sure about this one :)
Corculum (Mar 16, 2007)
It really does look like an actual oil painting! Wonderful use of colours and shine, and the reflections of the sun on the water. Lovely. Well done! :D Beautiful ^_^
TheFish (Mar 18, 2007)
is that from erie PA? i saw a photo that looked just like that one from erie. it looks really good your doing a really good job!
Roytje (Mar 19, 2007)
Who is erie PA? I didn;t use a photo for this one.
notebook99 (Mar 23, 2007)
It... It's like a path on the water - To walk to the sun, to something important.
Or maybe it's just a sunset with shimmer - either way, It's Beautiful! <3
KuteDymples (May 20, 2007)
I am sure you have to know by now, that I am a big fan of your art. I don't know how I missed this one but those sparkles in that water and the orange and greens are right down my alley. Your paintings are like beautiful dreams that you never want to wake up from. Amazing, just amazing!
Roytje (May 21, 2007)
Thank you for the nice comments on my pictures, Kute :D
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