boardsbeginnerHarold and The Purple Crayon.
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drawn in 1 hour 39 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
LisaAnne (Apr 9, 2006)
One of my favorite books of all time...2 or 20.

Timer is a tad off...about 20 minutes.
I had forgotten how unique each artist's line quality/style is, until trying to draw Harold from the book. (matching the colors of the aged paper and the ink...haha.)
LisaAnne (Apr 9, 2006)
drawn in 53 min
LisaAnne (Apr 9, 2006)
drawn in 46 min
Natsuna (Apr 9, 2006)
:0 I remeber that one ahaha where the things he made were real....I think o__o
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Apr 9, 2006)
Never saw this book, but this made me laugh. This reminded me of when my daughter was a "toddler" she used to color on the walls and the furniture, and then come to me with this really guilty look on her face and say "I "din't codor on de wall, Mommy." :)
fleeting_memory (Apr 9, 2006)
I remember this-good depiction
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