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drawn in 41 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Violette (Feb 15, 2006)
Testing out techniques.
Violette (Feb 15, 2006)
drawn in 24 min
InnocentSake (Feb 15, 2006)
That just looks kewl, I love the colors you picked out!
Violette (Feb 16, 2006)
Yess. Thanks for the comment.
Violette (Feb 16, 2006)
drawn in 17 min
Whorls of light snaked onto her skin, their fingers caressing her body.
She was chosen.
blahaha (Feb 16, 2006)
Bwaha. I'm such a sucker for long, flowing hair. Nice "whoosh" factor. XD Although, there is with the shape of her body. I can't point it out though. Sorry. >_<
suzie (Feb 17, 2006)
Her hair looks so flowing just like in water, and the colours go so well together. :D
NOVEMBER93 (May 19, 2006)
that's really cool looking
Sweetcell (May 19, 2006)
Hair ribbon candy, very good.
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