taori (edited Jun 24, 2003)
Can somebody please tell me how to use the Mask tool in oekaki bbs? I think I found the button but I can't figure out how to make it work or even really what it does. ???
method3 (edited Jun 24, 2003)
ew oekaki =p... well, the way mask usually works is that you select a color to "mask." then, depending on the mask tool configuration, the masked color in your image is either "active" or "inactive" meaning that you can either draw/erase or whatever on that color or anything not that color.

for example (hard to do without an actual picture) let's say you do some lineart in black and have a white background. let's say you don't want to change any of the lineart and you want to edit the background. if you didn't have layers, you would want to mask the white (or black, you will have to experiment) and then you could draw over the white without messing any of the lineart at all. good luck with oekaki.
taori (edited Jun 25, 2003)
Ohhh I get it now! Thanks!
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