boardscollaborationsAnother Picture not of Torville and Dean
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drawn in 1 hour 25 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
2 versions
40 min
45 min
open (Jan 2, 2006)
hmm, I need to do something on the label + make the bottle look more realistic mabey. I think the top of the bottle needs more work.
open (Jan 2, 2006)
drawn in 21 min
Ceido (Jan 2, 2006)
drawn in 45 min
added a glass and stoof
open (Jan 2, 2006)
drawn in 19 min
Not sure if this is better or worse. Looks a bit odd. But hey
flopsymopsy (Jan 2, 2006)
LOL, next time do Torville and Dean!
Ceido (Jul 14, 2006)
lol, oops. We forgot the top of the glass.
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