boardsbeginnerpatrick moore plays the xylophone
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drawn in 7 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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marcello (Dec 25, 2005) — edit
marcello (Dec 25, 2005)
drawn in 7 min
Maiko (Dec 25, 2005)
he's ADORSABLE, thanks Cello :]
you're such a WONDERFUL person >:3 *hughug*

Rukia (Dec 25, 2005)
That's some cute little fellow ^^
Creature201 (Dec 25, 2005)
C'mon, you're awesome! You could at least spend more then 7 minutes on a picture.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Dec 25, 2005)
Is that a coyote?
Anna (Dec 27, 2005)
rofl... wt...........
Gigandas (Dec 27, 2005)
Somehow the xylophone looks more like a piano.
YouLovePoop (Jan 3, 2006)
i thought it was a piano maybe if the fox was holding sticks and hitting it then it's look more like a xylophone XP no offense
marcello (Jan 3, 2006)
you guys are stupid if you thought it was a xylophone =P
kristine (Jan 3, 2006)
AHAHA ive never seen that before :P now it all makes sense.
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