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Dancing Nancy
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concannon (Jun 14, 2003) — edit
Not done...but goddamn, my hand hurts. Damn you trackball, damn you! [Will be continued in a bit. I swear.]

If you don't know what OHP is, don't ask. Really.

[UPDATE]: Alright. I swear Marcello, I would finish this. But this computer won't open the animation, and the other doesn't seend oekakibbs images. So I'm stuck. -_- And I really REALLY don't wanna delete this.
concannon (Jun 14, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
silent_darkness (edited Jun 14, 2003)
lol...i feel your pain ~.~

looks good so far! ^_^
quintessence (edited Jun 14, 2003)
Bwaahaah. Love expression. Can't wait to see it finished. Now I really gotta trot off and draw me, unless you're gonna do it.

Offenders of the OHP, beware.
taori (edited Jun 15, 2003)
Lurv the position. Is that a crowbar? ???
concannon (edited Jun 15, 2003)
Indeed. Indeed it is. If you knew what the OHP was, it would make sense. But I'm lazy, so maybe Becca (quintessence) will explain for you.
marcello (edited Jun 15, 2003)
Please finish your unfinished drawings before starting new ones, otherwise they're wasting space.
concannon (edited Jun 15, 2003)
...*shamefully* Sorry.
OneWingedMoo9se (edited Jun 15, 2003)
Looks like my friend.
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